Tenner Week Nov 2012: Day 6

We are cracking on through the week at quite a pace – Day Six already. Today is going to be the tough day – I’m out for most of the day and also going out in the evening with a friend. Fortunately my friend is aware of Tenner Week and has forgiven me for changing the original purpose of the event, which was our monthly cocktail club. Sorry!

The event I’m attending this afternoon is being held in a cafe, so my understanding is that we’ll get thrown out if we don’t buy at least one drink each. That’s completely fair enough, they have a business to run. So part of my tenner will be going on tea or coffee.


After that I’m meeting my friend straight from work and am going to use my £10 La Tasca voucher that’s been hanging around for a good long while. It’ll be enough for nibbles and a glass of wine anyway, so hopefully that will spare a couple of pounds for Saturday. We shall see. Bet I order more food/drink tonight instead.

If there’s time, I might also go via a bookshop. This week’s clear-up of vouchers has also turned up some old book tokens, and it says on the back of them that they never expire. Depends on how much time I have after the event I’m going to…

Also having lunch before I go out: sweet potato stew, some orange juice and a pear. That leaves two more to go before I’ve had my five a day. Meanwhile, my TV count is up to 2 hours and 10 minutes. The rationing has made me a lot more selective about what I watch, even though I thought I was pretty selective in the first place.

[edited to update tallies]

Five a day fruit and veg: 6 days out of 6 (2 veggie tapas for dinner today)

Total words written: 5,000

Total TV watched: 140 minutes

Total spend: £8.50 (£3.50 large pot of tea, £5 for evening meal)


How are you getting on? Let us know!


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