Tenner Week Nov 2012: Day 4 and Day 5

Been a little busy so I’m going to write about yesterday and today in the same post. You don’t mind, do you? Good.

Wednesday was Day 4 of Tenner Week, and I somehow managed to have another no-spend day. Actually, it’s surprisingly easy to do if you’re concentrating on work, and also working in the evening. Anyway, I had leftover pineapple and coconut on my porridge in the morning. There was a cereal bar in the cupboard which I had as a snack with a glass of orange juice, and for lunch I microwaved a can of vegetable soup and had it with wholemeal bread from the freezer.

For dinner I took the leftover savoury mince and added beans, spices and a couple of squares of dark chocolate to make a vegetable chilli to eat wrapped in flour tortillas from the freezer. To go with it we had grated cheddar, salsa (onion, homegrown jalapenos/tomatoes/herbs) and salad (tinned sweetcorn, squeeze of lime, homegrown red sweet peppers and herbs). It was really tasty – now I remember why I always have a few tortillas in the freezer.

We had dessert too, fresh pears with chocolate custard. The choc custard was not the fancy version, just some storecupboard cocoa, custard powder and sugar, plus milk. I’d make it again though, really easy and a nice treat.

In the evening I watched six minutes of telly, to add to the 54 minutes of TV I watched on Sunday. Beau had worked on a feature for something on BBC2, and I didn’t want to miss it. Read a few pages of a borrowed novel after that, rather than get sucked into the goggleboxing.

Got some more writing done after that too, although I deleted a bit of what I’d written before. The total is about 3,000 words now. Might stop editing as I go along though, and stick to writing the first draft instead.

Five a day fruit and veg: 4 Days out of 4

Total words written: 3,000

Total TV watched: 60 minutes

Total spend: £0.00

It’s Day 5 now, and I’ve not managed to do any thrifty chores yet today, apart from saving my indoor peppers from a fruit fly attack, and emailing some friends to let them know I’m still alive.

Going a little stir crazy stuck at home in the evenings now. Really wanted to go out for coffee or to the pub, but I’m going to be good and stay in (will be out most of Friday and Saturday anyway). It’s going to have to be a TV night tonight, again recorded shows with the ads blipped out. Quite nice having a break from TV ads – I see a fair few online when I’m working anyway.

Lunch was leftover veggie chilli on a baked potato. What would I do without access to a microwave? For dinner tonight it’s baked risotto with sage and roasted homegrown pumpkin. If you peel the pumpkin and cut into small cubes it roasts in about the same time as the risotto cooks, so you simply bung it all in the oven at the same time. There will be homegrown broccoli and french beans on the side.

Dessert is apple and raisin mini-crumble with storecupboard citrus peel and cinnamon. It’s a mini-crumble because the topping is a quick one with oats, and they’re baked in individual pots (at the same time as the main course). The apples have been sat in the fruit bowl for a good long while, so we’d better find some way of using them up.

Five a day fruit and veg: 5 days out of 5

Total spend: £0.00


What have you been up to? 


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