Tenner Week: Monday

My brilliant plan *cough* was to have a no-spend day today. Mondays are supposed to be easy, right?

However, the lack of fresh fruit was not something I thought should be ignored, and I wanted something tasty to add to our Mexican-style evening meal. During my lunch break I went for a walk around a nearby park hoping to forage some blackberries, but I didn’t find any so I decided a quick trip to Lidl was in order.

My luck was in – one of their weekly special offers was a bag of seven apples for 69p, and they were also selling Hass avocados for 34p each. There were lots of other offers around the store, like 49p for a bag of spinach, 75p for 100g of peppered salami, 99p for big bottles of sparkling perry and so on, but I was strict with myself and made it to the checkout with just the apples and an avocado. Fortunately I had a reusable bag with me so I didn’t have to pay for a carrier bag.

I had a late lunch of omelette and used up two eggs and some spinach lurking in the bottom of the fridge. Normally I would add some ricotta or mushrooms but we didn’t have any hanging around. Tasted pretty good though. This was followed with a glass of orange juice and an apple.

After I’d finished working for the day I picked some veggies out of the garden and off the windowsill to make dinner with.

We have coriander, plum and cherry tomatoes and jalapeno chillies to go in a fresh salsa, spring onions and Satan’s Kiss chillies to go in guacamole, and Tom Thumb lettuce plus a mini cucumber and a sweet Padron pepper to make a crunchy salad. I needed to add 1/4 onion, juice of half a lime, an avocado, and a little grated cheddar to make the meal work.

We had two mismatched packets of opened flour tortillas in the freezer plus some frozen leftover black bean stew which I reheated. I also marinaded some sliced leftover chicken with vegetable oil, spices and the juice of 1/4 lime before chargrilling it. Job done – tasty, fresh, spicy dinner.

The last bit of lime was cut into two tiny wedges and chucked in some beer.

Before we ate I realised there had been no real exercise so far today, so I managed a quick 200 sit-ups. It hurt after the first 150 ‘cos I’m a bit out of shape compared to last year, but no pain, no gain as they say.

After dinner I went upstairs and started tidying the office. Good news, I found a £10 TopShop voucher and a £5 Boots No7 voucher in a drawer. Maybe it isn’t going to be so bad after all. Going to spend the rest of the evening reading and listening to music.

Today I’ve managed to spend £1.03. Curses! Wonder how long the remaining £8.97 will last?

How’s everybody else doing?



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  1. Well Monday started out well, breakfast was egg already in the fridge made into an omelette with a little cheese, lunch was some experimental stir fry that I froze last week rather than feed to the dogs and it was rather nice so will be freezing that in futeure rather than throwing. Dinner was home made quiche again from the freezer with some chips from potatoes already in the cupboard and some salad leaves from the garden that I had planted from one of those growing lettuce the supermarkets sell.
    I already had long life milk to take to work for my tea and some squash there too, so not spent any money today. Also found when doing the food cupboard forage some jersey royal type potatoes that have sprouted so they are going into a bucket of soil in greenhouse and should be nicely ready for Christmas or soon after depending on warmth as the greenhouse will not be heated this year.

  2. Hi Daisy Mae – you did well! I love home made quiche too, always nicer than anything you can buy in the supermarket.

    Good luck with the potatoes. I didn’t know you could grow them in the Autumn in an unheated greenhouse. Please let me know how you get on.

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