Tenner Week May 2018: Day 7

Tenner Week Challenge May 2018 Day 7

It’s the big finale, the last day of the May 2018 Tenner Week Challenge. Have you been able to stay within budget? Today is all about taking it easy, and our mini challenge is to Really Relax.

Modern life is increasingly busy and stressful, and it pays to slow down and take it easy from time to time in order to rest, recuperate and generally centre yourself. Most relaxation exercises are completely free, so that’s something extra helpful for the final day of a week-long budgeting challenge where your funds are likely to be fairly depleted.

Different things are helpful for different people, so here are some varied ideas to make time for relaxation today:

  • Switch your phone off for at least half an hour
  • Go for a relaxing walk
  • Look at some beautiful scenery
  • Listen to calming music
  • Try some breathing exercises
  • Muscle relaxation exercises, as suggested by Mind charity
  • Have a soak in the bath by candlelight
  • Try a meditation app
  • Free mindfulness exercises from Dr Danny Penman, or free apps such as Calm or Headspace
  • Apps that play nature sounds or white noise, such as Relax Melodies
  • Put your feet up and read a book or magazine
  • Do some art or craft
  • Turn off loud alerts from social media
  • Spend time away from your phone, tablet and computer
  • Hang out with your pets
  • Take a nap or have an early night
  • Visit the NHS Moodzone for advice about reducing stress

Enjoy your time relaxing and unwinding, and try to spend at least 20 minutes taking it easy today.


What’s happening here

We managed to make it through to the end of the week without needing to buy any extra groceries, and the kitchen garden has given us another big batch of rhubarb so that’s kept us in seasonal desserts with an extra batch for the freezer. We’re doing a mini roast tonight but if it’s a proper heatwave we’ll be able to turn that into a chicken caesar type salad with potato croutons. Either way, it’ll be tasty.

There have been so many free events on this weekend that we managed to get out and enjoy the sunshine at no cost, taking a picnic and a flask with us, so it’s all been very pleasant. Now I need to make some time to get gardening for a few hours as the back yard is becoming unruly again and could do with some tidying up to make it prettier and more productive for the coming months.

There’s a bit left out of my £10, and there’s also some TV minutes left out of my TV Diet allowance so we could go out for coffee or sit in the beer garden of our local pub and sip a pint, then maybe watch a movie later. Feeling hopeful that it’ll all come in under budget, and I’ll update you about totals in a few days.


Have you tried any of the daily activities this week? Let us know your best tips for relaxation too.


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