Tenner Week May 2018: Day 2

Tenner Week Challenge May 2018 Day 2

Welcome back to the May 2018 ‘Get set for the Summer’ Tenner Week challenge. How are you getting on with your budget so far? Today’s mini challenge is a fun one: time for Picnic Prep!

A home made picnic has to be one of the greatest thrifty pleasures you can create as the weather warms up and the evenings become longer and lighter. It speaks of lazy days in the park, and heading out for adventures to who knows where. With a good packed meal you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to eat, or paying tourist prices for something that’s not all that great.

Depending upon how much spare time today, try to do one or more of the following:

  • Find and clean any picnic containers and accessories
  • Look for picnic recipes
  • Wash or mend picnic rugs and outdoor accessories
  • Organise ingredients or make a shopping list

You don’t need to buy anything today, unless the weather’s beautiful where you are and you want to make something right now to eat outdoors. Otherwise, just add any must-haves to your shopping list and come back to it after the Tenner Week budgeting challenge is over.

Picnic containers and accessories

What sort of picnic wares do you already have, and do you have anything else (such as camping gear) that could be pressed into service? Look around for leak-proof food containers, small or large cool bags, other food bags, sauce bottles or pots, drinks bottles and flasks. Perhaps you have an old margarine tub that could be used to hold a salad or some fruit, or a travel toiletries bottle that could be used to hold salad dressing, and so on.

What will you eat your meal from if you’re sharing it? Check your cupboards for travel plates, cups, smashproof glasses, cutlery, small or large hampers, and more. If you don’t have any, consider searching for some.

If it’s been in storage or at the back of a cupboard / fridge for a while, give it a good wash and freshen it up so it’s ready to go whenever you need it.

Look for picnic recipes

There are so many ideas for picnic foods and most of these recipes are completely free. A quick search on Pinterest or any good food website should be enough to get your mouth watering. It could be anything from muesli bars to fruit skewers to sandwich fillings, whatever you like. As long as it travels well and is fairly easy to eat, it’ll be perfect.

Check those picnic accessories

Now’s a good time to wash or mend a picnic rug, or sponge clean a beach mat or folding chair and leave it out to air properly. The same goes for a picnic bag or basket if you’re lucky enough to own one.

Think about those other accessories too: a sunshade or parasol, an inflatable cushion, a portable wine cooler sleeve, a drinks holder, a tray, an insect net for food, a frisbee or any other toys or games.

Organise those ingredients

What do you already have in your kitchen cupboards or fridge that could be turned into a tasty picnic? That could be rice or pasta or beans to make a hearty salad, flour to make pastry or cakes, oil and vinegar or mayonnaise for salad dressings, or whatever else you like. Whether it’s things you can make from scratch the day before, something that could be made far ahead and frozen, or snacks where you can just grab and go, it’s good to work out what you have in stock.

If there’s anything missing that would make picnic perfection, add it to your shopping list and pick it up after the Tenner Week ends.


Do as much or as little picnic prep as you like today, but try to fit in at least a few minutes of it – or make a note to catch up at the weekend. 

Do you have any picnic favourites? Let us know.


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  1. I think both scotch eggs, home made and home made quiche are good and travel well. Fresh fruit makes a good pudding. Too simple perhaps. Kind regards Harriet

  2. Hi Harriet, scotch eggs and quiche do tend to travel well, so they’re great ideas for a picnic. I also like pasties and empanadas, and sausage rolls, maybe not the healthiest but you can vary the fillings to whatever you like.

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