Tenner Week May 2018: Day 1

Tenner Week Challenge May 2018 Day 1

It’s Monday and it’s time to get started with our brand new Tenner Week budgeting challenge. Are you feeling confident about getting through the week with only £10 for your personal spending? I always find the first day a little daunting but it’s easier if you have a menu plan, and you try to have a cheapie or no-spend day.

Today’s activity is to find yourself a Summer Read. It’s up to you whether you find yourself a free or very cheap book or magazine to read now, or you make yourself a wish list of things to read later. After all, what could be more relaxing than having some time off, and lounging on the beach or putting your feet up and having a good read?


Places to find free or very cheap things to read

  • Your local library: take out a print book, reserve a book, borrow an ebook or audiobook via Overdrive or other loans system
  • Local book swaps, workplace book swaps, informal loans from friends or family
  • Out-of-copyright classic books at Project Gutenberg
  • Free e-books: search by individual category on Amazon UK, follow the #FreeBook hashtag on Twitter, Facebook pages such as Free Books for Kindle UK, etc
  • If you’re already an Amazon Prime customer, you can get free access to up to ten magazines, books and graphic novels at any one time through the Prime Reading section of the Kindle Store
  • Volunteer to become a reviewer with Booktasters, NetGalley or other review services
  • General freebie websites and forums often have listings for free books, ebooks and magazines


Book inspiration for your wishlist

  • Newspaper and magazine reviews
  • Book blogs
  • Recommendations from staff in bookshops
  • Book review podcasts
  • Recommendation websites and apps: Goodreads, WhatShouldIReadNext, Bookish, Jellybooks and many more
  • Book clubs, word of mouth, friends


If you have any other ways for finding great books or magazines, whether free, discounted or full price, please leave a comment below and share your tips and ideas. Happy reading!


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  1. Excellent idea! I LOVE the Prime Reading section on Amazon – I never really knew it existed until a few months ago. It’s a bit like a lending library with no time limits and you can take out up to ten items at a time I think.
    I use it to read various magazines, the selection of which they vary every month, so you don’t get every issue of the same magazine. They also have a great selection of novels and non-fiction and when you read one it’ll suggest others when they become available.
    Best thing about it is that if you are already a Prime subscriber it doesn’t cost you a penny. Brilliant.

  2. Hi Jackie – thanks for letting us know more about Prime Reading, sounds good value if you already have Amazon Prime.

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