Tenner Week May 2016: Day 6

Tenner Week May 2016 Day 6

Hi again, we’re now on to Day Six of our Tenner Week challenge. How’s your budget looking so far? Let’s lighten the load today and find ourselves some freebies, or spend our points and gift vouchers.

The main idea today is to get something without having to pay your own cash for it, thus sparing your Tenner Week budget money.

Start by looking out for points and gift vouchers, ideally ones where you have enough to make a purchase outright without draining your last bit of cash. There are millions of gift vouchers and reward / loyalty points that expire in the UK every year without being exchanged, so make sure yours don’t go to waste.

You might have supermarket loyalty points, Nectar points, hotel loyalty points, Avios, high street chemist cards, and so on. Also you might have gift cards, paper gift vouchers, gift voucher codes, and store credit. Have a quick look around your home, and your purse or wallet as you may have forgotten something good.

Normally you get more spending power with things like supermarket loyalty points if you save them up for special offers, but there’s no guarantee that those offers will suit your tastes. I’m not that bothered about going to Chessington World of Adventures, for example, and would much rather spend my supermarket points on, say, food and drink, or my favourite shampoo.

If you don’t have any points and vouchers to spend, move straight on to looking for freebies.

There are so many places to find freebies:

  • Search social media for #freebiefriday, #freebie and #freesample hashtags
  • Follow your favourite brands on Facebook and Twitter, as well as giveaway companies like SoPost
  • Check your email for newsletters – they often contain freebies and giveaways
  • Check freebie websites such as Magic Freebies and Latest Free Stuff
  • Try beauty counters in department stores
  • Look out for giveaways and tasters in supermarkets, train stations & outside shops
  • Waitrose card holders can get a free hot drink every day
  • Try the O2 Priority app, as they often have freebies

Let us know if you find any especially good freebies today!

What’s happening here

I managed to have another no spend day yesterday, which was very handy seeing as I only have 43p left after a rather great night out on Wednesday. Made a very nice smoothie for breakfast with oats, orange and frozen berries, had a tin of vegetable curry for lunch, and did veggie bangers, mustard mash, spring greens and peas for dinner – covering the five a day.

Tomorrow is picnic or packed lunch day, but if the weather’s bad then you can have an indoor picnic or a buffet instead. We’re having guests over for lunch tomorrow and we’ve run out of all sorts of stuff, so yesterday I also ended up making some bread. We now have some nice soft white finger rolls and a part baked rustic rye batch with lots of nuts and seeds in the freezer (and a couple of finger rolls set aside for my lunch today, of course).

We watched the Bake Off Creme de la Creme final over dinner, so that was another 59 minutes gone out of my TV Diet allowance. If I want to watch anything over the four hour total I’ll have to get on the exercise bike…

Tonight we’re planning on staying in to get the house ready for visitors, so fingers crossed everything will get done.

Total TV watched: 3 hours and 18 minutes

Total spent so far: £9.57

Have you seen any good new freebies today? Where’s your favourite place to find them?

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