Tenner Week May 2016: Day 4

Tenner Week May 2016 Day 4

It’s Day Four of Tenner Week – how’s your budget holding up? Today’s idea is to find something fun or interesting in your local community, ideally for free or at very low cost.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what’s on your own doorstep, so have a look around your neighbourhood with fresh eyes and dive in.

You could check any of the following today for a little inspiration:

  • Council or community noticeboards
  • Posters at your local train or bus station
  • Shop windows and cafe pinboards
  • Your local council’s website
  • Adult education booklets and other materials in your local library
  • The local paper or freesheet
  • Listings websites and magazines
  • Meetup or Eventbrite
  • Community centres, places of worship etc

There are also various national projects, schemes and causes that have local events, including The Big Lunch, and all kinds of volunteering and mentoring opportunities. If you’d like to get fit, meet new people and improve your nearby environment, you could find the nearest Green Gym, for example.

If that doesn’t appeal then look out for nearby day festivals, interest groups, events in pubs and cafes, day or evening classes, free talks and more.

What’s happening here

Yesterday was another day waiting in for a pickup and a delivery that annoyingly never arrived. After we’d had some rubble picked up from our house (big spring clean and home and garden clearance) I got fed up and went out for a walk in the sunshine. When I got back, there was no sign that I’d missed the courier.

I picked up some groceries while I was out: a big bottle of milk for £1 and a packet of cookies for 89p as an incentive to do some more writing. Yes, I suppose I could have baked cookies but we’re almost out of sugar and butter, so it worked out cheaper not to buy the baking ingredients.

Lunch was leftover tomato salad and bean dip in a wrap, and dinner was frozen fish, homemade chips, broccoli and sweetcorn. If you include the fruit I had with my breakfast I managed my five a day, which is pretty good although I’m not sure that’s going to hold out for the rest of the week. Promise to do my best.

In the evening I listened to music, watched another 47 minutes of television after dinner, worked on a few recipe ideas, then did some more reading. Tomorrow I’m hoping to avoid watching any telly at all. I especially like how cutting down on the TV is making me want to listen to more music and read more books. I especially don’t like how the recipe development is making me put loads of things on my shopping list – but I can definitely hold off until next week.

Total TV watched: 2 hours and 19 minutes

Total spent so far: £1.89

How are you getting on so far? Do you have any extra ideas for finding new and interesting local events and activities? 

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