Tenner Week May 2016: Day 3

Tenner Week May 2016 Day 3

It’s Day Three of our latest Tenner Week challenge, and today’s idea is to keep yourself entertained by getting creative. This one should give you a lot of scope, but doesn’t necessarily have to cost anything at all.

For example, you might have a hobby that you love but it’s fallen by the wayside for whatever reason. You may already have everything you need to pick it back up again.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to come up with your own as well:

  • Do some drawing, cartooning or sketching
  • Print off a free colouring in page and get out the bright pens
  • Break out a musical instrument, and maybe compose or improvise a song
  • Start or finish a sewing project
  • Do some knitting or crochet
  • Paint some furniture or upcycle a plain object or ornament
  • Write something, maybe as part of a writing challenge
  • Edit some video or sound recording
  • Take yourself out on a photography trip
  • Invent a new recipe or a cocktail
  • Make a gift card or gift box, or fill a scrapbook page (pound shops are a great place to start for materials)
  • Design or make a piece of jewellery

There are hundreds of options for creative activities, so go back to an old favourite or try something completely new today. Let loose.

What’s happening here

I managed to have another no spend day today by default, because I ended up having to wait in all day for various deliveries. Not very exciting, but it did keep me out of the shops! Having said that, we’re definitely running low on milk now, and I’m probably going to have to spring for some tomorrow or the day after.

We had wraps for dinner, with leftover fennel dip, leftover roasted vegetables and leftover halloumi cheese. I also made a tomato and spring onion salad to go in them because we had a few cherry tomatoes that needed using up.

My new blender arrived too so I was doing a bit of recipe development with that, and have made some bean and herb ‘hummus’ for tomorrow’s lunch. I got a free book in the box with the blender, which was perfect timing. There were a couple of sad bits of fruit in the fruit bowl that were on their last legs as well, so I made a smoothie with apple, banana, cinnamon and yogurt for a hearty afternoon snack.

Yesterday I watched 47 minutes of TV (an episode of Marcella with the ad breaks fast forwarded), so I’m still under my four hour limit but will need to have a couple of No-TV days later this week so I don’t exceed the total. I also had an early night to catch up on my reading, which was very relaxing.

Total spent so far: £0.00

Hours of TV watched: 1 hour 32 minutes

How are you getting on with your Tenner Week? Eating OK? Having fun with any of the activities?

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  1. Dear Penny,

    For me as well, yesterday was a no spend day. good luck with the challenge
    XXX, Pat

  2. Hi Pat, that’s great news, well done. Thanks for the kind wishes, and hope you’re doing well.

    P xx

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