Tenner Week March 2023: Day 4

Hi again. It’s Day Four of our latest Tenner Week money-saving challenge, and we’re looking for a few more leaks in our budgets. This one is particularly timely.

Today’s activity is called ‘communication breakdown‘ – let’s have a good look at those broadband and mobile phone deals and make sure we’re getting a good deal. If you weren’t already aware, companies are in the process of putting their prices up massively, often far above the level of inflation, and now might be the right time to switch.

[I’d go as far as to say that some of these price rises are scandalous, given how many people are struggling at the moment – and if your provider is gouging you then you have every right to be angry and find another company. Ofcom has launched a review of mid-contract price rises, but that doesn’t guarantee anything improving any time soon.]

It shouldn’t take too long, and these are the quick steps:

  1. Check your current contract or contracts – especially for exit fees and end dates
  2. Compare different deals available in your area (price comparison services make it quicker)
  3. Consider whether single or bundle deals are best for you
  4. If you’re on a low income, research social tariffs for broadband to save more
  5. Switch if you find a better deal, taking into account any exit fees

old fashioned WiFi router

What’s happening here

Yesterday I had a couple of meetings and went out for coffee and cake, which made a nice change from the previous couple of no-spend days. I went to a pre-paid exercise class in the evening and we had a quick homemade curry and rice after that in front of our Wednesday evening sci-fi shows.

I technically went to a free online lecture and book launch on the subject of wellbeing and the natural world too, but it directly clashed with the exercise class. Fortunately it’s one of those events where they send you a link afterwards so you can watch the recording, and I’ll be catching up with it on my morning tea break today instead.

We’re running low on fruit, fresh vegetables and snacks, but I think we should at least have enough frozen veggies to see us through to the end of the week. There was no pre-spending or stocking up before the challenge started – i.e. cheating, we all know that’s cheating – so I’m sure we’ll have to do a supermarket run or mini-top-up shop before the end of the week.

We have some interesting plans for this evening, but I can’t give you any spoilers so I’ll have to tell you about that on Friday instead. Mysterious, eh? Watch this space.

Total spent yesterday: £5.00 (coffee and cake),

Total spent so far: £5.00 – which comes out of the new £25 all-in budget option.


How’s your budget looking right now? Let me know if you find a better deal on your broadband or your mobile etc.


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