Tenner Week March 2017: Day 7

Tenner Week Spring clean 10 challenge Day 7 seven Penny Golightly

Yes! We’ve made it to the final day of the current Tenner Week challenge – give yourself a nice big round of applause if you’ve been joining in! How’s your £10 budget holding up?

Today is the last part of the Spring Cleaning theme – and you get to spring clean yourself. It’s a Sunday, and you’ve been working hard all week, so now you get to do a little pampering and maintenance on YOU.

Forget housework (unless you actually enjoy it or something, you weirdo….) and treat yo’ self to something nice. I’m sure you have a favourite idea in mind, but if you’re in need of a little inspiration then you could try:

  • a soak in the bath
  • a scrub in the shower
  • a wash with a back brush or shower puff
  • a face pack (shop bought or home made)
  • hair mask, henna wax or hair oil
  • manicure or pedicure, or both
  • body lotion, dry oil or body butter
  • 12-step korean-style skincare routine (obsessives only)
  • …whatever else you like

Have a nice, well-earned rest and relax, and get yourself in tip-top shape for the week ahead. Most of all, enjoy yourself.


What’s happening here?

I managed to do quite a good cleaning blitz around the house for an hour and a half yesterday before I went out, so I’m happy about that. Didn’t quite get as much done as I wanted though, and I’ve set some time aside today for doing a proper deep clean of the kitchen.

EDITED TO ADD: We went out to see the Marie Curie Cancer Care Garden of Light art installation yesterday, and I chipped £1 in to their collection bucket. They gave me a nice little daffodil lapel pin afterwards, so I’ll be wearing that to show support for the next week or two. We stopped off for coffee, which set me back £1.95.

I braved the bad weather this morning to buy some more milk and a cheeky bag of maltesers, I think that came to £1.85 if I remember correctly. I’m staying away from the shops for the rest of the day now, which means I can tot up the spending for the whole week.

The weather forecast here is for heavy rain all day, so that plan for a walk in the park or by the river has gone by the wayside – I think basically that rain has stopped play. The new plan is to make some popcorn and settle down with a double bill of Blu-Rays or Netflix movies. I’ll also be treating myself to a soak in the bath, with all the fancy toiletries that I’ve nicked from various hotels in recent months, plus a face pack and a hair masque.

If I haven’t relaxed so much after the tub time that I’ve dozed off on the sofa, the plan is also to do a quick manicure and pedicure. Setting myself up for a slightly more glamorous Monday.

Total spent today: £1.85

Total Tenner Week Spending: £8.59. << success!

Did you make it through Tenner Week without blowing the budget? Have you managed to get ahead with your spring cleaning too?


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