Tenner Week March 2017: Day 6

Tenner Week challenge 10 budget March 2017 Day 6 Penny Golightly

Hi again! If you’re still with us for the ‘Spring Clean’ version of Tenner Week, we’ve made it to the weekend! As most of us have a bit more free time at weekends, today’s something that you can spend more time on if you’re in the mood.

The activity today is to clean some windows. It’s up to you whether you clean just the one window or more than that, depending on how much time you can spare but you could do any of the following:

  • Clean one window, inside and out
  • Clean all the upstairs or downstairs windows inside your home
  • Wash all the upstairs or downstairs windows outside your home
  • Pay someone to clean high outside windows (especially if you don’t have a ladder, or you aren’t 100% steady on your feet)
  • Clean and polish your mirrors
  • Dust blinds or wash curtains

Essentially, you can do as much or as little as you want. Also, you can go for the eco option with vinegar and newspaper, or get stuck in with a steam cleaner or a squeegee, whatever you like.


What’s happening here

Yesterday I managed to have a zero spend day, but I have to say that did make the day and evening kind of low key and not too exciting. It’s a bit strange not going out for a coffee or a beer on a Friday, but it’s just one day out of the month and it isn’t really a big deal.

I’m going to blitz all the inside windows downstairs today, listening to podcasts to make the whole thing a bit more cheerful. Yes, time for a nice big spring clean. No hanging about though, I need to get it all done as soon as possible, so that I can go out to an event afterwards.

We’ll be back in time for dinner, and I have a packet of longlife halloumi cheese at the back of the fridge that I’ve been saving for the weekend. It’s going to be sliced and grilled, and served on top of couscous with salad and roasted vegetables. I’m going to make some fruit-based dessert as well, such as sorbet or spiced peaches, using something tinned or frozen, just to bump up the fruit and veg count. As it’s Saturday night, we might have a go at making cocktails as well.

I’m hoping for a zero-spend day today, but I’m not sure how that’s likely to work out – probably going to end up having a small glass of wine or a coffee with friends, but there’s still some money in the budget for that if I don’t go over the top.

Total spent yesterday: £0.00.

Total spent so far: £3.79.

How’s your spring cleaning and your budgeting going so far? Let us know!


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