Tenner Week March 2017: Day 5

Tenner Week March 2017 Spring Clean Day 5 five Penny Golightly

We’ve made it to Day Five of our latest Tenner Week, with plenty of money-saving and spring cleaning under our belts already. How are you finding the budgeting and the other activities?

Today’s activity is to carry out what’s probably the most satisfying part of a declutter – it’s time to dump some junk. This means getting things out of your house, whether they’re beyond repair, recyclable or saleable. Just pick at least three things and give them the old ‘heave ho’.

That could be:

  • Putting things in your recycling bin
  • Using special local recycling for rags, clothes, used batteries, broken small appliances
  • Taking stuff to the tip or binning it
  • Giving things away to a charity shop
  • Putting free-giveaway items in an ad on Freegle or Freecycle
  • Creating sales listings for stuff you want to sell

The last two things on the list mean they’ll be leaving your home on another day, but do start the ball rolling with the sale today if you can (it’s very easy to keep putting these things off), and put them in a designated box or in your hallway if possible.

If you don’t have time to do this task today, you can combine it with other activities over the weekend. Up to you, whatever fits best with your lifestyle and your plans.

Keep an eye on your food stocks and your budget too. You might be running low on a few things by now.


What’s happening here

I was at an event last night where food was provided, so that made dinner plans a lot easier. I also saw a film for free with the ODEON Limitless card I was given as a gift, which was a really nice treat. I had an hour to kill between meetings and it was freezing cold so I had a cup of tea in a cafe rather than tempt myself too much by walking around the shops. No cake though – what restraint, eh?

I have a few items to take to the local recycling point, including some frayed old tea towels that have no use left in them at all. As long as they’re clean the council can recycle them for rags.

Tonight we’re staying in and I’m making a fish pie. We have a couple of leftover fillets of fish, one coley and one smoked haddock, so I’m going to turn them into a nice comforting home made pie by bulking them out with onion and mushrooms, and topping them with some white sauce and chive mash. The chives are home grown on the windowsill. We’ll also be having the last of the fresh carrots and the frozen peas on the side to be a bit more healthy.

I think we’ll probably end up watching some comedy, and I might have a beer as well. Not very rock and roll, but definitely very thrifty and pleasant enough.

Total spent so far: £3.79

How much money do you have left out of your original £10? Have you managed any spring cleaning?


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