Tenner Week March 2015: Day two

Piggy bank - increasing size (Front)

How’s your Tenner Week going so far? Today we’re going to do a quick declutter and pick out three items to sell. Alternatively, if you have lots of low resale value items – most DVDs, for example – then you can pick out a bundle of ten to 15 of them.

No need to sell them today, just have a quick declutter and a tidy up, and maybe dust down a shelf or two. We’ll be doing the selling tomorrow, to boost our finances.

What’s happening here

I went out to an event last night where there was a cover charge, and it was in a cafe so there were drinks and nibbles involved as well. It had been arranged months ago, and there was no way I was going to cancel, A) because I’d been looking forward to it for aaaages, and B) I’d paid a deposit.

So in the end, my share of stuff worked out at £8.15. That means there’s only £1.85 left in the pot until Sunday night, big challenge or what? That meant today had to be a no spend day, as do most of the other days this week… That’ll be interesting.

My winter warmer dish this week is black bean chilli, an extra large pot to serve with tortilla wraps and greek yoghurt today, and with potato wedges and cheese tomorrow. I’m skint, but at least we won’t be starving.

For today’s task, I have a bundle of clothes and bits and bobs already put aside for eBaying.

How’s your menu and your budget? What are you going to sell tomorrow?

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