Tenner Week March 2015: Day six

tenner week march 2015 day six

We’ve made it to the weekend! How’s your budget going? Today it doesn’t matter if you’ve spent the lot already, because the task is to go shopping with your points or gift vouchers.

Gather up whatever you can find, which might include:

  • Supermarket reward points
  • High street chemist reward points
  • Other store loyalty card points
  • John Lewis free coffee and cake vouchers
  • PayPal credit
  • Gift voucher codes
  • Gift cards and paper gift vouchers

Now spend it, either online or in store. Try not to go over the value of the voucher, so that you don’t start eating into your budget.

If you don’t have any points or gift vouchers to spend, hunt around online for some coupons that you can exchange for freebies.

What’s happening here

Yesterday I ended up having to buy some milk, and went for the four-pint carton for £1 seeing as it doesn’t cost that much more than a single pint. I also spent some store credit on something I really, really wanted (more about that next week) and there was a tiny shortfall of 4p.

That leaves me with the princely sum of just 81p in my purse. Yup, I’m rich! And still have to make it through to the end of Sunday night. What does 81p get you nowadays? Not really in the mood for a bag of crisps or a packet of chewing gum…

Anyway, yesterday there was the last bit of delicious black bean chilli for lunch, and baked fish with lots of vegetables for dinner. Beau was given some free Portuguese custard tarts in the afternoon and somehow managed to bring them home for dessert without scoffing the lot, so that was an unexpected tasty bonus.

I’ve also been keeping extra busy to take my mind off the urge to go out for coffee and a trip round the shops. As part of that I’ve found a few more things that I’m going to eBay, have taken three bags of stuff to the charity shop, and disposed of a load of recycling too. And, horror of horrors, I tackled the ironing pile as well. Whatever next?

Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be braving Oxford Street with some gift vouchers, visiting an exhibition if there’s time, and seeing a free film preview. Let’s see what kind of a haul of swag we can come up with…

How’s your budget going so far? Do you have any points or gift vouchers that you can spend today?

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  1. My Friday treat was a £4.50 meal deal working lunch so I finished the week with £3 left! The meal was lovely but I felt almost guilty having it, seemed like such an extravagance! I think that’s 1 of the most important things about Tenner Week, it just makes you so much more aware of how much yer spendin and wat on. I managed Sat as a No Spend Day altho I did pay a £50 security deposit for a toddler carrier at a sling meet, I aven’t considered that as ruinin my week tho since its refundable

  2. Well done Alli! Don’t worry, money that you spend on your kids doesn’t count towards the total

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