Tenner Week March 2015: Day five


tenner week march 2015 day five

We’ve made it all the way to Friday – have you spent all your tenner yet? Today’s activity should help you hang on to your precious cash for a little while longer.

In grand Tenner Week tradition, today is Freebie Friday. Let’s get out there and find lots of free goodies!

What could you do today? The list is massive, so here are a few edited highlights:

  • Sign up with ShowFilmFirst and try to get some free cinema tickets
  • Check the big freebie websites (Magic Freebies, Latest Free Stuff, FreebieSiteUK, FreebiersClub and so on)
  • Join SuperSavvyMe for regular opportunities to try new products
  • O2 customers can download the free Priority Moments app which regularly features freebies
  • Check sites where people give things away for free (Freegle, Freecycle, Gumtree, Preloved)
  • If you have a car or van, or access to one, check eBay for free ‘buyer collects’ giveaways
  • Like some of your favourite brands on facebook
  • Check your local paper or council’s website for free events and courses

That’s plenty to be getting on with, isn’t it?

One nice freebie today is the Covent Garden Soup giveaway. Go to the right supermarket, where they charge £1 or less, and you’ll get a completely free carton, while stocks last. You might need to scroll a bit on their front page to get the coupon, otherwise just check their facebook page.

There’s always a Freebie of the Week or two in the weekly newsletter here too, if you’d like to sign up for it.

What’s happening here

I’m really looking forward to grabbing some free soup. Maybe there is such a thing as a free lunch… Managed a no spend day yesterday, but was sorely tempted to go out for coffee. Must resist the temptation! Still have £1.85 left in the budget for the time being.

Are you any good at hunting for freebies? Where’s your best place to find them? Let me know how your budget’s holding up.

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  1. 3 No Spend Days on Mon, Tues & Thurs and £2.50 spent on Wed so still a decent £7.50 left! I’m sure I’l spend sum 2day tho as I generally like a wee treat on a Friday. Will def b chkin out those freebie sites tho as I always intend 2 but never get round 2! Continued good luck 4 the rest of the week folks!

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