Tenner week: Like fiver week but a bit nicer

You might remember back in the mists of time that I had a ‘fiver week’ to see whether it could be done. Well I’ve recently found out that a fee I was counting on isn’t going to be arriving until mid December at the earliest. Rather than be grumpy, I decided to have a tenner week and make the best of things instead.

I thought that now was a good time to do this, seeing as it’s the quietest week I’ll be having for the rest of the year and it wouldn’t mean cancelling anything I’d already planned. Plus there’s plenty of food in the fridge and the freezer, and I have pre-paid travelcards and various subscriptions, so there shouldn’t be too much outlay. Fingers crossed.

My plan was to have fun, rather than just get by.

Monday was easy enough. Worked from home and had cooked lunch and a snack. Then out to class (pre-paid) for the evening. Usually there’s a break in the middle and I buy a drink and some cake, but this time I decided to stay put and chat with some of the other people in the group.  Spent: £0.00.

Tuesday I also had a home cooked lunch, and when I’d finished work I read a chunk of a free book I’d been given. Click by Rom and Ari Braffman is on the non-fiction bestseller list at the moment, and is a very anecdotal  read, if that’s your kind of thing. Well, I do like a bit of popular science from time to time… Succumbed to the lure of a fancy coffee while I was out, which was proper Italian coffee and worth every penny – no regrets there. In the evening I had DVDs to watch and free (legal) downloads of other films. Was feeling really tired still from the weekend, so had an early night. Spent: £2.50.

Wednesday had packed lunch and snacks from home, and a home cooked dinner with The Beau. Had to wait in during the evening for a courier delivery, otherwise I’d have probably gone along to a PR event. Dropped emails to a couple of old friends so I didn’t feel quite so much of a shut-in. Decided to have ‘beauty night’, but was a bit pathetic and only managed to put some leave-in conditioner in my hair before becoming distracted. Had very good intentions about all that mani/pedi/facepack business but didn’t quite get around to it. Tsk, and all that. Spent: £0.00

Thursday had £7.50 burning a hole in my pocket, so decided it was time for a bit of shopping. Bought a big pair of chunky thermal socks to ward off the cold, and found some little mirror frame magnets to cheer up my office board. Need to find some interesting pics to put in them, so that’s kind of a mini art project on the cheap. Might be going out to the cinema later with The Beau and his free VIP pass, and will probably forgo the popcorn while I’m at it. Spent: £3.49.

So as of now I have £4.01 left, and obviously an ‘interesting’ weekend lies ahead. Erk.

Are you having a low-spend week this week? What are you getting up to, and do you have any top tips?

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