Tenner Week June 2014: Day 5: Freebie Friday

It’s time to get out there and grab some freebies – so many on offer this week! Might as well make the most of them, eh?

Today’s suggested activity is to find yourself one or more freebies. You have plenty of choice at the moment, for example you could:

  • Visit a department store or boutique for fragrance, toiletries or makeup samples
  • Check out local shop windows, notice boards, forums or websites for free events (you might find anything from music recitals or mini-festivals to free evening classes
  • Hunt down some free MP3 or ebook downloads
  • Listen to free internet radio or streaming services (you might have to put up with a few ads), or use an app such as TuneIn radio for hundreds of stations or BBC iPlayer Radio which lets you listen live or catch up on the last 7 days

If you’re very quick, samples of Maybelline Great Lash mascara are being given away today, but be warned, these are likely to go fast!

What’s happening here

Yesterday I went out to another free film screening, so that was another no-cost night out. Arrived late, left early, and had dinner at home (homemade pizza with various leftovers and old cheese on top, and home grown green salad).

I caved in during the afternoon and bought a pastry, which was a bit out of character but I was out of the house and suddenly felt starving hungry. Normally I carry a snack or two with me, but for some reason I’d just forgotten to bring one – organisational fail!

Our TV is on the blink, but it’s still under warranty so it’s been taken away to the TV shop. Makes it so much easier to do the TV diet… Anyway a replacement is on the way, but I still have some viewing time left.

I’m out at a press event later, so my freebies will hopefully be garnered there. Lots of tasters and testers to get on with. The plan for the weekend is to stay in and get some decorating done, then fix up the kitchen garden – not too exciting but it will be nice to have time for practical stuff, as I’ve been out a lot this week.

Total TV watched: 2 hours

Total spent so far: £2.65

How are you getting on with your budget? Up to anything interesting this weekend?

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