Tenner Week June 2014: Day 1: Menu & stocktake

Time for another Tenner Week – get budgeting, people! Are you ready to live on £10 for a week? The rules are here if you need a reminder.


The first day of a Tenner Week means it’s time to get organised and see what you can use up and recycle. It’s always good to start with a menu and quick check around the fridge, freezer, cupboards, veg garden etc.

This week I’m glad of the store cupboard because there isn’t much in the fridge. No cheating and doing a massive Sunday stock-up going on here…

I think the menu is going to run something like this:

  • Pasta primavera (pesto from fridge, garden veggies)
  • Mini curry (split pea dall and rice), papads & pickles
  • Chicken-style veggie mix & salad fajitas with hot sauce
  • Cous cous & halloumi salad
  • Bangers & mash, grilled mushrooms, spinach
  • Pumpkin & pea risotto
  • Red pepper falafel wraps

We have a few things to use up from the garden: salads, spinach, chard, spring onions, strawberries, wild strawberries, rhubarb, and a sweet pepper or two. There’s also a bit of tinned and frozen fruit, some long life orange juice and a bowlful of apples. Five a day should be easy enough.

Fortunately there’s also enough tea and coffee to keep us going as well. Might have to make a loaf of bread later in the week though, think we only have about four slices left.

For lunch today I just had some leftover potato salad chopped up, stirred into some leftover curry and reheated. Yes, this probably sounds gruesome but actually it was very nice indeed. No waste, no fuss either.

This week’s lineup

Here’s what’s happening though the week, as ever we have something new every day:

How’s your menu plan looking this week? Are you making the most of your leftovers?

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