Tenner Week January 2023: Day 5

Welcome to Day Five of the latest Tenner Week money-saving challenge – and it’s time to rejoice, for we have made it through to Friday. How are you feeling today? Ready for some rest and recreation?

Along with the overarching aim of sticking to a strict £10 budget for personal spending this week, there’s something new to try every day and Friday’s activity is called ‘time to play‘ – we’re looking for free or very cheap leisure activities.

Life can feel like such a grind during grey, chilly January, and it’s such a common time to have worries about money and other issues, plus it’s worse for most us us this year than it was a year or two years ago. Sometimes we need a temporary reprieve from all the pressures of adult life, and that’s why we want to carve out some all-important leisure time.

How could you make time to play, or have a good laugh today? Just a few quick ideas:

  • Puzzle books or apps
  • Crosswords and other word games
  • Adventure games, books, shows or movies
  • Comedy podcasts, YouTube gigs, sitcoms or other series
  • Comedy movies or romcoms
  • Board games, chess, Jenga, charades, card games
  • Wrap up warm and go to the park
  • Online gaming, multiplayer games, etc

There’s one quick reminder I should add here for today: if you’re using apps or playing online games, please steer clear of anything where you need to make in-app purchases or there’s any temptation at all to gamble or bet. If in doubt, pick a completely different activity.

This is the point were I’d normally make some cheeky joke about naked Twister or something, but right now it’s beneath me. Oh. I should quit while I’m ahead, shouldn’t I? Yep. Anyway, get out there and play for a while.


Tenner Week Friday time to play


What’s happening here

Today’s the perfect excuse to do something silly and have a laugh, so I think I’ll track down some comedy to watch after dinner, or maybe do a quick crossword on an app during my afternoon tea break. Just something to mark the end of the working week, and a little treat to myself for just getting though it.

Before I make dinner I’m going to do some exercise via a free trial of Apple Fitness, to make up for missing my usual lesson earlier this week. I haven’t picked a class out yet, but might try some yoga or pilates. Ideally something where you don’t need any equipment apart from an exercise mat.

One the menu tonight we have my favourite hybrid cauliflower/macaroni cheese bake recipe, which will be made on the stovetop and quickly flashed under the grill rather than having the oven on. I think there are enough ingredients for a tomato and herb salad on the side as well, and some chocolate pudding with frozen cherries for dessert. I’m enjoying slowly clearing out some of our frankly very random freezer contents, and feel inspired to do a lot more decluttering like this next month too.

I still haven’t spent my remaining £1 yet, but I might be tempted to get something for the newsagents while I’m out and about at the weekend. Perhaps a mini reward if I can tick everything off my chores list by a certain time.

Total spent so far this week: £9.00.


How much of your £10 budget have you gone through so far, if any? I’d love to hear from anyone who’s doing a no-spend week. Hope you have that Friday feeling and can make time to play.


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