Tenner Week Jan 2018: Day 7: Rediscover an old hobby

Tenner Week January 2018 Day 7

Here we are, on the last day of our Tenner Week budgeting challenge – are you going to make it to the end of the week with any of your £10 left?

Today’s activity is based on the Bonus Point of ‘rediscover an old hobby’, and the specific task is to reboot your resources. Many of us have equipment, materials and more in our homes that we could make the most of.

What do you still own that relates to a hobby or interest that you could still use?

  • Running shoes or trainers
  • Sports clothing or workout gear
  • Fitness equipment, weights etc
  • Music collection or musical instruments
  • Hiking boots, rucksack, camping or picnic gear
  • Baking equipment and ingredients
  • DIY, woodwork, upcycling materials
  • Art or craft materials
  • Subscriptions and memberships
  • Bike, skates, etc
  • Blu-Rays, DVDs, streaming services, books about movies
  • Maps, travel books, luggage
  • Novels, poetry books, notebooks
  • Games consoles, games
  • …or anything else you like

Dust off whatever you have, and give it a go. Rediscover something that you love doing.


What’s happening here

Yesterday we went out for our voucher lunch, which turned out to include an amuse bouche and three plates of petits fours as well as three courses. It was delicious but you could have rolled me home with a stick, we ate so much. Then we went to our free film screening and wandered around the West End looking at the Lumiere lights festival.

I also had a glass of prosecco while we were out, thinking it was £8.00. When the bill arrived it turned out it was actually £9.00, so, disaster, I have overspent my budget. That will teach me to read the drinks list properly from now on. So much for setting a good example, eh?

Today I’ll be tucked up reading some novels, as I have a pile of books waiting to be read. I love reading but somehow I haven’t made much time for it in the last couple of months, so it’ll be nice to get back to it. I’m also going to be having a no-spend day, whatever happens.

Spent yesterday: £9.00

Total spent so far: £10.50 << yup, I messed up – hope you’ve done better than me


Which hobby or interest will you be reviving today? Anything you can repair, maintain, use up or upcycle?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    I dusted off all my related travel things in order to be ready in 2 weeks time. We prepare our walking gear and equipment for our coming trek as well, doing some tests with the rucksack to fit in all our stuffs. I intend to finish my pile of novels by the end of this year, 1 book per month. Then I give it away to the charity shop. The time here is really bad, therefore perfect for cocooning. Due to a double no spend tenner, my note is still in my purse for later, saving for my coming holidays. I love doing a Tenner Week. I do it as often as I can. So sorry for your overspent Tenner… You’ll do better next time.
    What is the program for the coming months ?
    With love Pat,

  2. Hi Patricia, sorry for the belated reply. Well done on your budgeting, and I hope you have a lovely time on your trekking holiday.

    Up on the site soon: some of my favourite recent finds, capsule wardrobe ideas, and a new Tenner Week at the end of February.

    Penny x

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