Tenner Week Jan 2018: Day 5: Find a freebie

Tenner Week January 2018 Day 5

It’s our January Tenner Week Friday, and it’s a good one this time because it’s Freebie Friday. Today we’re going to be making the most of free samples, services, apps, events and more.

By Day Five of a budgeting challenge like this you might be getting low on funds, or feeling tempted to go shopping. Freebies can be a way to extend your spending power or try something new without the need to part with any cash.

So what could you do today?

  • Look on freebie websites such as Magic Freebies to find free samples or free trials
  • Download free printables such as calendars, organisers or wall charts
  • Find/use a freebie voucher from a magazine, newspaper or newsletter
  • Exchange a fully-stamped coffee loyalty card for a free coffee
  • Use voucher or freebies apps to pick up a freebie
  • Sign up for a free talk, book reading, lecture etc
  • Hunt down some free event tickets on Eventbrite or free cinema screenings
  • Book in for a free gym or exercise class trial (but don’t end up with a subscription you don’t want)
  • Look on the iOS or Android app stores for free apps
  • Try a sample of food or drink in the supermarket or outside a shop
  • Look out for publicity teams at transport hubs giving out samples / vouchers
  • Try charity websites for health or personal finance apps, calculators etc
  • Claim freebies from your clubcard or other rewards schemes

It’s also okay today to use up any gift vouchers you were given at Christmas, as long as you don’t go too far over their value and end up spending more than whatever’s left out of your £10 budget. The same goes for spending any loyalty points you might have – you can treat yourself to some snacks, toiletries etc today if you have earned enough of them.


What’s happening here

Yesterday was a long and busy day, but I managed to have a another no-spend day so there’s still £9.00 left in the pot. I also got creative as per the Thursday mini-challenge and invented a new recipe for eggless blueberry and almond muffins by grinding up some chia seeds to substitute for the lack of eggs. Have a peek!

Penny Golightly improvised blueberry almond muffin recipe vegan with chia

Not bad, eh?

On the freebies front I have a voucher to try out some new food samples today, so I’m going to head out on an early lunch break and hopefully grab myself a free lunch. If they’re tasty, I’ll review them on the site next week.

We’ll be having a max freebies weekend too. This includes a slap up lunch at a posh restaurant with a gift voucher from an experience website, which will be a real treat. We’ve had the voucher for ages and ages and not used it, so now’s the perfect time to make the most of this one, plus it’s one less meal to budget for. We also have free tickets to two cinema screenings, and the free Lumiere light festival is on in London, so we’ll be kept well entertained.


Spent yesterday: £0.00

Total spent so far: £1.00


Get out there and look for those freebies! Let us know if you find anything especially good.


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  1. Dear Penny,
    I found out some loyalty bonus points for a free pizza dated back from 2013…..I used it properly yesterday night and the pizza was excellent…trust me, it’s better when it’s free….
    Love, Pat

  2. They look very yummy. Can you post the recipe ? Can I use linseed instead of chia seeds ?

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