Tenner Week Jan 2018: Day 4: Being creative

Tenner Week January 2018 Day 4

We’ve made it more than half way through the January Tenner Week challenge now – how much of your £10 budget is left? Today we’re going to be trying out an activity based on the Bonus Point of being creative.

There’s a choice of four activities, so feel free to pick from:

  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Decorating
  • Baking

You don’t have to spend hours doing any of these, but spend enough time that you feel immersed in the activity for at least fifteen minutes. Let go and have fun.

Here are a few quick ideas, but feel free to think of your own:

  • Sketching or doodling
  • Charcoal or pastels
  • Filling in a page of a colouring book
  • A few rows of knitting or a small amount of sewing
  • Painting undercoat on a chair or skirting board
  • Rearrange furniture, art or ornaments
  • Sanding or using filler on a wall
  • Make a quick traybake or pancakes
  • Make some bread rolls or pizza dough

Whatever you do, get into it and get creative. Don’t be too serious. Enjoy.


What’s happening here

We’re running out of snacks, so I’m going to have a go at inventing a recipe with whatever’s left in the store cupboard. I’m thinking about finding a way to make some blueberry mini muffins without eggs, so that’s going to involve some creativity. Will let you know how they turn out…

On the cash front, I managed to have a no-spend day on Wednesday, so I still have £9.00 left out of my tenner although I’ve got to that part of the week now where it feels like it’s burning a hole in my pocket – must stay away from the shops! This is very difficult when you have to write about the last weeks of the January sales, and also make notes on new design and style trends, but I’ll do my very best. Being publicly accountable for my spending during the Tenner Week challenge helps, of course, but it isn’t a magic cure for temptation…

Anyway, yesterday was a very long day, including a lunchtime workout and a two-hour evening class, so I’m looking forward to a bit of home cooking and an early night tonight.

Spent yesterday: £0.00

Total spent so far: £1.00


What kind of shape is your budget in right now? How are you going to get creative today?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    Today, I’ll be very creative. I decided to do a lot of sewing. First, prepare a special waterproof bag for my 2 pieces trekking tent. Then, 2 little bags for my trekking sleeping silk sheet. And finally, someone gave me a very nice piece of fabric. I decided to make some very nice seat protection for my 20 yrs old car to give it a boost. Tonight, I’ll try to prepare a new recipe of pumpkin and orange marmelade cake (my neighbour gave me a jar yesterday). That’s enough for today.

  2. Hi Penny, you could try blueberry scones instead of muffins , although many scone recipes ask for eggs you don’t need them.

    I shall remove the sleeves from a white shirt that has been sitting looking at me.

    Thank you for all your hard work

  3. Hi Patricia – wow, you are going to be busy, busy, busy today! Sounds excellent.

    Hello Harriet, that’s smart thinking, thank you. Will have a look around the ingredients cupboard first to see if we have any linseeds left, just in case… I’ve made linseed ‘egg’ before and it’s quite nice in cookies and cakes, probably okay for muffins?

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