Tenner Week Jan 2015: Day 6

Hello. How’s your budget holding out so far? Just today and tomorrow to get through, and we’ll all know whether we’ve succeeded with the Tenner Week Challenge…

tenner week 2015 jan day 6

Today’s activity is to enjoy some free entertainment, seeing as we’ve done all kinds of practical things already this week. We all deserve a bit of fun, right?

Specifically, we’re looking for one or two free podcasts or audiobooks.

Most of us find out about podcasts by word of mouth and online recommendations, but if you really want to shake it up and find something different you can find just about any subject out there. Most of it’s free too…

Podcasts continue to grow in popularity, and it isn’t hard to see why. There’s something for just about everyone, with subject matter ranging from humour to politics to technology – there’s so much choice that it’s sometimes difficult to find new ones that match your interests and tastes. The iTunes podcast directory is still one of the best places to start looking, along with the Apple Podcasts app.

For more inspiration visit Stitcher Radio or PlayerFM for recommendations, or browse the BBC’s popular range of podcasts. There are also several handy discovery and management apps including Pocket Casts for iOS and Android (£2.49) and Overcast for iPhone (choose between free or paid versions) to help you find something new, interesting and inspiring.

There are various ways to find free audiobooks too. One quick option you could try today is the free book offer at Audible.co.uk.

What’s happening here

We ran out of milk yesterday, so I bought a four-pinter for £1 from the local shop. It’s not much more than they charge for a pint, so it seemed silly to go for the cheaper bottle. That brings the total up to £7.88 spent. Not sure what I’ll be able to get up to with the remaining £2.12, but we’ll see…

Last night I watched one TV show on catch-up with the commercial breaks and end credits cut out, bringing the total watched so far to 180 minutes. That leaves me with a whole hour of telly to luxuriate in tonight or tomorrow, if there’s anything I like the look of. Otherwise I have plenty of reading to be catching up on.

If you have any favourite podcasts, listings sites or places to find free audiobooks, please let us know.

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