Tenner Week Jan 2015: Day 5

How’s your budget going so far this week? Today we’re going old school with the money saving – the activity is to make do and mend.

tenner week 2015 jan day 5

Ideally, mend or fix something up that will help to keep you warm in the January cold.

For example:

  • darn the elbow on a jumper
  • make or mend a draught excluder
  • rehang curtains or add in a missing curtain hook or ring
  • sew in a loose thread on a blanket edge
  • put some waterproofing onto winter shoes or boots

I’ll be sewing a couple of buttons back onto coats and jackets during my lunch break, so my warmest coat can be put back into service.

What’s happening here

Managed a no-spend day on Saturday, apart from the 99p thing, and went out for a cuppa on Sunday. That means the running total of what I’ve spent so far is now £6.88. I’m probably going to be out for a couple of nights this week so I’d better be extra careful with the finances…

At least that means the TV Diet should be a lot easier to stick to though.

Are you doing some make do and mend today? What are you going to fix?

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