Tenner Week Jan 2015: Day 4

Today it’s time to blow away the cobwebs and get busy doing some spring cleaning. It’s up to you how little or how much you do, but at least try to do part of one room if you can.

tenner week 2015 jan day 4

As far as I’m concerned, the best thing about spring cleaning is getting it finished, although I do understand that some people actively enjoy the whole process of cleaning from start to finish. Whatever. Weirdos.

Spring cleaning has many benefits, and when I find myself dragging my heels on it it helps me to list them:

  • Good exercise, keeps you moving
  • Gets the place clean, which is healthy
  • Makes the place tidy, which is welcoming for friends and generally more pleasant
  • Perfect excuse to play loud music
  • Keeps you out of the shops or doing other things that might ruin the budget
  • Being tidier and more organised makes life easier and simpler
  • Probably have everything you need to clean already, so no extra expense

A few ideas for things you could do today:

  • Dust around corners and ceilings to get rid of cobwebs
  • Clean some windows
  • Vaccuum a certain number of rooms
  • Rearrange the contents of your wardrobe
  • Clear out a linen box, drawer or cupboard
  • Do some descaling: sinks, taps, coffee machine, kettle
  • Tidy up your bedroom to make it more relaxing
  • Rearrange living area to make it more attractive
  • Clean shoes, boots or bags
  • Clean home office from top to bottom
  • Use antibacterial cleanser on kitchen worktops

Whatever takes your fancy really, just get your home into shape a bit today so it’s nicer to live in during the week.

What’s happening here

I’ll be tidying up the bedroom, taking the ironing pile downstairs and cleaning some shoes and boots. And I’m setting a timer to get it all done ASAP so I can go out and make the most of the rest of my day off.

We went out on Friday night, so stayed in on Saturday to save some cash. Watched about an hour and ten minutes of TV, with pre-recorded shows with the ads blipped out and the end credits cut off, and spent the rest of the evening having some home cooking and listening to music.

Seeing as we were in the mood for a takeaway (I blame the chilly weather) we ended up doing homemade fish and chips: baked fish, potato wedges and mixed vegetables. The chocolate stash was also raided, just to make up for the fact that the main course was a bit too healthy.

Tonight’s Burns Night so in honour of my other half’s native country we’ll be rustling up some ‘bashed neeps’ and cranachan, drinking single malt and reading each other poetry about mice an’ ‘ting.

What are you going to do for your spring cleaning today? A little, or a lot?

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  1. Trying hard this week – afternoon tea yesterday with my mum and sisters for her 80th birthday, which was last November and group on deal so cost nothing on the day . Staying in today – homemade soup with leftover veg for lunch and making a clootie dumpling this afternoon from store cupboard ingredients for a burns night treat, yum!

  2. Hi Fiona – that sounds like you’re on-budget. Haven’t had clootie dumpling for ages, but have fond memories of them, great for a cold wintery evening. Have a great Burns Night.

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