Tenner Week: Friday and Saturday

Slightly skanky morning shower today. I’ve run out of hair conditioner so I put a little warm water into the bottle and gave it a good shake to get the last dregs out. It was watered down by about 50% so I left it on twice as long as usual, and it turned out fine.

Friday was fairly quiet during the day, and I was feeling a bit sleepy and demotivated for some reason. Lunch was a lazy and uninspired cheese sandwich with a packet of crisps, some orange juice and an apple, and three cups of coffee failed to wake me up. I needed to give myself a swift kick up the backside.

After getting some work done I decided that the best thing to do was power through, so I did 100 sit-ups and then went off to look at the garden. There were two boxes of garden stuff to sort out, so I took one of them and sifted out everything that needed to be recycled or thrown away. Then I washed and sterilised half of the empty plant pots I’d found so that I could put them away nice and clean for the winter. That was deeply unglamorous, but it did feel like progress.

Got changed and put some lippy on and went out to meet The Beau and some friends for a night out. We started in a bar that had ‘buy one get one free’ cocktails for happy hour, so I happily drank the ‘one free’ which fortunately happened to be a long drink and lasted ages. Then we went out for fish and chips in one of the few places in London that makes nice fish and chips. The Beau had agreed to pay for my dinner seeing as I’d picked up the remaining tab the night before, so I chose the cheapest platter on the menu. It turned out to be just the right size and cost under £6.

Someone also bought me a glass of wine, so the drinks are on me next time. Left £1 for the waitress.

Spent today: £1.00

Total spend: £7.03


Saturday was very lazy with a long lie-in. Had to use some deep conditioner on my hair to avoid looking like a scarecrow, although I’ve remembered I have a free sample of a new brand knocking around somewhere – must try to find it tomorrow.

We made toasted sandwiches with cheese and pickle, and tried to wake up. I had been planning to take down the plants in the garden and dig the ground over, but was really surprised to see bean plants still flowering, tomatoes growing and courgettes fruiting etc. Decided to give them another week, or at least let them go until the first hard frost instead.

I moved all the plants in pots off the decking and gave the boards a good scrub down, then I fed, watered, pruned and tied in anything that’s still giving us edible produce and put it back on the sunniest part of the deck. Garden waste’s been tidied away, and tomorrow I’ll sort out the handful of plants that have died back.

My rationed remaining hour of TV is going to get used up tonight, split between a 30 min episode of Spy recorded on Friday and an episode of The Walking Dead with the ad breaks blipped out. This might end up being 70 minutes in total, if I’m being honest. Not sure yet.

All that remains is to catch up on some reading for forthcoming book reviews, and make some tasty dinner. Tonight it’s risotto with rice, onion and stock granules from the store cupboard, and home grown pumpkin, sage and chilli. Yep, definitely risotto weather now.

Spent today: £0.00

Total spend: £7.03

If you’re trying out Tenner Week for yourself, how are you getting on? Any bright ideas?


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