Tenner Week: Final roundup

Last week I attempted to get by with just a tenner in my pocket, after paying for travelcards and household bills. Here’s the last bit of roundup…

On Friday I went to BAFTA for an advance/press screening of Sky TV’s short film series. It was a very interesting evening out, and was fortunately paid for out of company funds. The friend I went with bought me a beer in the bar afterwards, and we had the chance to talk to Catherine Tate, Stephen Fry and Julian Barratt et al about their directorial debuts. What a night.

It turned out that my friend had a voucher for an offer at Loch Fyne so we ended having a discounted fish supper afterwards. My friend paid for the food, and I said I would take them out the following week in return. I did however think that I should leave a tip, so that was my last £4 gone.

Saturday was going to be a bit difficult with the remaining 1p, but somehow we managed it. Joined The Beau for some window shopping in town, then we went to see a movie for free with the Vue pass he won last month. We were a bit naughty and brought in our own drinks and snacks. Sorry Vue – if it makes you feel any better, the film wasn’t very good.

We decided to have noodles for dinner afterwards. Beau ended up paying, so that’s another meal I owe someone for next week… At least I didn’t order the lobster or any drinks, it could have been so much worse. Then we had free tickets for a comedy show that I’d been given by SeeFilmFirst, so there was more entertainment.

By Sunday I was down to my last 1p, so I decided to do some practical stuff around the house and garden, and fix up my business website. There was still plenty of food in the house, so I made us a nice brunch and Beau cooked a Sunday dinner in the evening. Now the garden is pretty much sorted out for the winter, and I have lots of new pots of seeds sprouting away on the kitchen windowsill and in the mini-greenhouse.

Not the most exciting day, but I kept busy and got plenty of things done before watching some recorded TV shows in the evening.

So there you have it. Not a bad week, but I do owe two people return dinners and drinks.

Have you been cutting back lately? Please let me know how you got on.

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