Tenner Week February 2023: Day 5

We made it to Friday with our latest Tenner Week money saving challenge! How has your week been so far?

Today’s activity is all about cleaning your windows, and getting them sparkly and shiny to let the light in. Seeing as it’s Friday, we’re keeping it simple: all you have to do is clean the windows of one of your rooms. It’s completely up to you whether you clean the inside or the outside of the window pane or panes, just pick one and crack on with it.

There’s definitely something uplifting about making a room brighter, and it does seem to cheer the place up, especially at this time of the year.

It’s up to you which cleaning products you use, and hopefully you already have a spray bottle to hand to make it even easier. I like to start with a quick dust, or a wipe down on the frames and windowsill, and make sure the curtains or blinds are out of the way. Then I use a little vinegar or some eco-friendly window spray and a cloth to wipe everything over with. Less is usually more, but if there are a few streaks on the window pane after that I quickly go in with a lint-free cloth such as a clean old tea towel after that.

This is a job I often put off doing, but it really only takes a few moments to do and once it’s out of the way the place always feels so much nicer. So hello to clean windows and hello to spring.

If you don’t have time to do this quick bit of cleaning today then it’s fine to catch up with it over the weekend, when you’re likely to have more time.

spring cleaning for tenner week window spray and kitchen paper

What’s happening here

Yesterday’s Tenner Week activity was to ‘dust it down‘ and I managed to get the downstairs hall, living room and dining area done. It didn’t take long, and I took the head off the duster afterwards, gave it a good shake outside, then threw it in the wash in a delicates bag. It’s the OXO Good Grips Extendable Microfibre Duster, and although the price has gone up a fair bit in the last year, I would still recommend it – the extendable handle and adjustable top angle make dusting awkward corners and high spots so much quicker and simpler.

Fortunately the room wasn’t that dusty to begin with, so it didn’t end up being a deep clean situation, and it was out of the way in minutes. The dusting was completed in the time it took to brew a decent pot of tea, followed by a quick vacuum and then a tea break.

I had to go out at lunchtime to run a couple of errands and was hit by some serious chocolate cravings while I was passing the newsagents. Not something I do very often, but I got myself a little treat to enjoy before getting back to work.

Dinner was a mixed vegetable tart made with a sheet or frozen puff pastry, some garlic and herb soft cheese on the base, and sliced veggies on the top. Quick, easy and good to eat. Plus it meant we used up our veggies before they started to go off, seeing as veg appears to be hard to come by at the moment on Normal Island.

Total spent today: 75p (no regrets, YOLCho and all that)

Total spent so far: £3.75

I’ve decided I like having the £10 for Tenner Week pocket money, even though it took a few days to get used to the idea. Maybe next time I’ll try the £25 all-in option to see how I get on with that version instead.

How’s your budget looking this week? Have you made any good thrifty meals or managed any spring cleaning?


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