Tenner Week February 2023: Day 4

We’ve made it to Thursday, and I hope you’ve been able to keep up with the challenge so far.

Today’s activity is called dust it down, and yes, you’re guessed it, we’re doing some dusting. It’s one of the easiest ways to make your home feel fresher, and you don’t need much to get it done either. I’ll freely admit hate dusting, but I hate living in a dusty home even more than that, and I’m always glad once that particular chore’s out of the way.

As it’s only Thursday, i.e. during the working week, let’s keep it simple. We’re going to dust our main living space, which most of us should be able to complete very quickly and easily. If you have the cleaning bug and some more spare time, feel free do do more rooms / areas, or your whole home if you feel like it.

rubber glove and duster

Start at the top of the room and work down. The quick run-through is here:

  • Dust carefully around main or central light fittings
  • Remove cobwebs and dust from ceilings, top corners and high plasterwork such as cornices
  • Gently dust picture tops, picture rails, panelling, wall hangings, wall lamps, etc
  • Clean any mirrors
  • Dust or polish tables, other furniture, mantelpieces, ornaments
  • Gently clean standard lamps, or any other other floor standing items including storage baskets, pet beds, and so on
  • Wipe or vacuum skirting boards
  • Take any rugs or mats outside for a quick shake, or vacuum them
  • Sweep or vacuum floors, getting under furniture if you have time

If the weather’s good where you are today, you might also be able to open a window for some fresh air and ventilation after you’ve finished any dusting.

By the way, if you need to climb on furniture or go up ladders then please be extremely careful and ideally get some help from someone else if your balance isn’t great. Better safe than sorry, and you can always bump any daily task here and catch up with it at the weekend.

What’s happening here

Yesterday’s declutter was to clean my main bathroom shelf, and I gave it a scrub in the morning before I went out. It was already quite organised, but I did recycle a bottle cap and put a couple of travel minis into a travel wash bag in another room since they were just getting in the way.

Today I’ll be pulling the release chains on my chandeliers and having a lovely cup of darjeeling while my butler sets to work making those crystals gleam. Meanwhile, back in reality, I’ll be getting the extendable duster with the removable washable cover out, and making sure there aren’t any cobwebs or dust bunnies in our hall, living room or dining area.

On the food and drink front, we try to have a proper sit down meal most Thursdays so I’m going to make a puff pastry tart tonight with whatever’s lurking at the bottom of the vegetable drawer* plus some soft cheese, half a roll of frozen pastry and a few garden herbs. I’ll bake some fruit or a crumble or a cake on the shelf underneath so we aren’t wasting fuel. There might be wine as well.

* Mediterranean-ish vegetables. It’ll taste great, trust me. Yes, yes, I know, photos or it didn’t happen.

Money spent yesterday: £3.00 on coffee.

Total spent so far: £3.00.


Are you ready to start doing a little spring cleaning? How much of your budget have you spent so far?


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