Tenner Week Feb 2020: Day 6: Find a better deal

Tenner Week Feb 2020 Day 6

It’s Day Six of our current Tenner Week budgeting challenge, and we’ve made it into the weekend. Do you have any of your £10 budget left?

Today’s activity is to do some serious shopping around for one or more of your regular bills – let’s find a better deal. You don’t need to sign up for anything just yet, you’re budgeting right now after all, but it’s more about getting a look at the best deals on the market to see whether what you currently have can be improved upon.

What could you look for? It depends upon your own needs, but could include:

  • Mobile phone deal (SIM only or with handset)
  • Landline
  • Broadband
  • Gas or electricity
  • Home contents insurance
  • Annual travel insurance
  • Car insurance, if up for renewal soonish
  • Mortgage
  • Loan
  • Credit card
  • Paid TV services
  • Web hosting
  • … and so on

You can also look into finding a free service to replace a paid one, or look into haggling the cost of something down (which can work with phone companies and Sky, for example).

As you’re only doing preliminary research today, make sure you’re looking at best buy tables and sticking to ‘soft searches’ where you don’t add your personal details to the search. Hard searches can affect your credit rating, especially if you carry out several of them in a short space of time.

Which of your regular bills would you most like to cut? Where is there room for improvement?



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  1. I spent just one penny short of my $15 Tenner week, which I ended yesterday as I must grocery shop today. Still, I’ll play along with finding a better deal today and will look over a few bills and see where I can slash a bit.

    1. Hi Sam, you did well! What are you going to do with the extra penny?! I have just under £1 left here on Sunday evening, after picking up a couple of groceries. We made it 🙂

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