Tenner Week Feb 2020: Day 5: Fun with freebies

Tenner Week Feb 2020 Day 5

It’s Friday, and to get you in the weekend mood it’s time for loads of fun with freebies. This is especially welcome towards the end of the week just in case everyday life has been steadily nibbling away at your spare £10, or even taking an unexpected bite out of it.

It’s time to get out there and look for something that’s 100% free, so not a ‘free gift with purchase’ or ‘buy one get one free’, just a pure no-spend freebie.

Where to find a freebie today

  • There are quite a few dedicated freebies websites, usually full of free trials and free samples. Magic Freebies is usually a great place to start. The freebies are often snapped up quickly so get in there fast if you see something you like.
  • Check your emails for offers from your favourite retailers
  • Look for free events on entertainment apps, local flyers and zines, and music and comedy websites (NB you might be expected to buy a drink at certain venues)
  • Search social media for the #FreebieFriday hashtag, or look at pages for your favourite brands.
  • Try delis and post supermarkets for food and drink tasters.
  • See whether your local council has any free events on.
  • Look for free courses at nearby adult education centres.
  • Ask your employer about perks and benefits, such as free training or a free gym.
  • Check magazines and papers for freebie coupons.
  • Get a free spritz of perfume at a department store.
  • Make the most of the free lending or readings at your local library.
  • If all else fails… watch something on Freeview.

Be wary of accepting anything where you could be exposed to high pressure sales tactics, such as a free test drive of a luxury car. Also, don’t use your work email to sign up for freebies in case you end up getting spammed – many people create a separate free email account for their freebie applications just in case.


Let me know if you find any brilliant freebies today – let’s all share in the freebie goodness!

I’m staying in tonight to conserve the last bit of my budget, and baking a tasty pie to share in front of the telly. Not too ambitious, but the rest of the weekend might be busier. What are you up to?


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