Tenner Week Feb 2020: Day 1: Financial filing

Tenner Week Feb 2020 Day 1 Financial Filing

Welcome to Day One of a brand new Tenner Week Challenge. Every day there’s a new activity to try, and today’s fairly simple task is to do any financial filing. This could be paper files or e-files, depending upon how you get your information.

Here’s the quick declutter:

  • Open any unopened mail, and get any physical paperwork into the same place
  • Group paperwork by type: current account, building society, credit cards, bills, savings, insurance etc
  • Sort papers into chronological order and file them
  • If you don’t have files or folders, improvise with a box or other way to keep papers together temporarily
  • Add files / folders to your shopping list for next week if you need them
  • Note down all your accounts with paperless billing
  • Go through your paperless accounts and take copies of the statements
  • Keep any digital information safely together

You don’t need to do anything else for today’s task, it’s only about getting things organised and stored neatly so that you can access your information quickly and easily when needed.

If you’re in a real hurry today and don’t have much time, just get hold of your current account information and sort it out if there’s any kind of a mess. You might need to request any digital files from your bank or building society.

Sticking to your £10 budget

You might like to try to have a no-spend day or very low spend day today, in case you want to save most of your budget for the weekend.

One of the most helpful things to do is to make a menu for the week, if you haven’t done so already. Try to make breakfast at home and take a packed lunch to work for the biggest savings.

We’ll be having veggie burritos for dinner tonight – something speedy and healthy with lots of punchy flavours for a Monday evening.


Tomorrow we’ll be asking ‘where does all my money go?’ and hopefully finding some accurate answers. Join in!


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