Tenner Week: Day 7: Unplugged Sunday

It’s the last day of Tenner Week, and today it’s time to relax and take it easy after being busy for the previous six days. Are you ready for some rest and relaxation?

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Today we are going to spend four hours unplugged without email, Skype, phone and any other messaging, to get some time to properly unwind. It’s especially good today if you don’t check your email or anything work-related shortly before going to bed, so your concious or subconscious mind isn’t racing when you should be relaxing instead.

It’s up to you which time slot you pick for being unplugged, but try to:

  • Switch off your mobile (unless you need to be on call for emergencies)
  • Unplug your landline
  • Avoid random internet/smartphone browsing
  • Avoid online window shopping
  • Not read your emails
  • Not be available for Skype or other VOIP, or messenger stuff
  • Avoid using other communications apps

You don’t need to be constantly available for work (unless you’re working weekends), or for marketers. Have a little break, and mark out some personal time.

What are you going to do? Is this going to be the most difficult bonus points activity, or will it be easy?

What’s happening here

I’m going to be doing some research in the morning, so I’ll be stepping away from the gadgets for the later part of the evening. Something I always find difficult, because I’m fond of my tech gubbbins and apps. If anything needs to get done it can happen in the morning.

Probably going to go down the pub later and spend my ill-gotten Tenner Week gains, and also to get away from the telly.

I do have an hour of TV left though, as only one hour was watched yesterday (the Hannibal preview, which was worth using up my rations for). Also managed to get my exercise done, an hour of cycling.

Yesterday was also a blagging day: free coffee and cake at John Lewis, belatedly spending Christmas vouchers on things for the house, and free herb tea in another shop.

We ate well too. I found some homemade blueberry pancakes in the freezer so we had them with tinned peaches and cinnamon and syrup for brunch. Sooo good. But seriously, what kind of person forgets they have blueberry pancakes in the freezer? Hmm. Then we had cheese toasties for lunch, using up some mousetrap cheese and the fancy chutney we got for Christmas.

For dinner we had a bit of a blow out curry. Papads, pickles, chutneys, naan bread, tarka dall and vegetable and coconut biryani. It was a good feed. For dessert we had rhubarb from the garden poached with vanilla, clove and star anise syrup, washed down with spiced chai. Can’t wait to have the leftover rhubarb with porridge for a late breakfast.

Total spent so far: £4.80

Total TV watched: 3 hours

How are you getting on? Spent it all yet? Are you doing the TV diet too?

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