Tenner Week: Day 7: Sport or fitness day


It’s the final day of our £10 budgeting challenge with its theme of ‘Back to class’. Today’s thrifty activity is to make your own PE class or sports day, on your own terms as a grown up – nobody’s marking you out of 10, and it isn’t going on your end of year report card so relax and do whatever you like.

Your activity can be sporting if you like, but you may also prefer to do something that’s non competitive and just to improve your general fitness levels. Pick a free activity if possible, unless you have some money left in your budget at the end of this Tenner Week.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, try:

  • Roller skating, rollerblading or skateboarding
  • Dancing: freestyle, set routine, online or local class
  • Swimming
  • Walking, jogging or running (check out free Parkruns in your area)
  • Home gym equipment
  • Free gym trial or visit a gym you already have membership of
  • Football or frisbee in the park with friends
  • Cycling

You can also do an hour of non-stop house cleaning or light to moderate gardening, and that will still count as some exercise if you have lots of things that you need to get on with today. Weekends can be busy at this time of year, so that should give you some extra flexibility – especially if you’re someone who puts off exercising when there’s lots of other stuff on.

I’m going to try to do a garden takedown in the morning today, because it’s after the Autumn equinox now and various plants are starting to die back and need removing. There’s almost nothing left in the budget here so I’m also going to try hard to have a zero spend day and keep as busy as possible.

How are you going to get some exercise today? Do you think you’re going to be able to keep your weekly personal spending under the £10 limit?

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  1. As I type this my eye is caught by a resistance band and I know I have some weights in the bathroom. If the weather is OK I may go for a walk after lunch with my sketch book. I am afraid that I lost track of my spending but I don’t think I went much over the £10.

  2. Will do some gardening as well this morning and this afternoon as I need to prepare the garden for winter. Overall spending is around 5 bucks and today will be a no-spend day as I keep myself busy. Will have the leftover pork roast with some creamy pumpkin for lunch. I was very pleased with the Tenner Week and the overall theme. Looking forward to the coming week.

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