Tenner Week: Day 6: Sweaty Saturday

It’s finally the weekend, and we’re heading into the home stretch of Tenner Week. Today is all about getting active and keeping fit.

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The task today is to get an hour of exercise, whether that’s traditional exercise or other ways of being physically active. Er, yes I know what some of you might be thinking – sure, do that if you can keep it up for an hour. I’m not here to judge. Ahem.

Anyway, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to try one of these and get your pulse racing (be quiet at the back):

  • Cheap exercise class
  • Cheap swim/gym – if you have membership or council one nearby
  • Free gym pass (weights, aerobic fitness or classes)
  • Do an exercise video
  • Dance to favourite music
  • Do yoga
  • Use home exercise machines
  • Go for a run or bike ride
  • Brisk walk with the dog
  • Do a self-guided workout in the park
  • Visit a free outdoor gym near you (check with your local council)
  • Dig the garden over
  • Fix up the house
  • Extreme housework – I want to see some serious scrubbing (shut up at the back already)

You get my drift?

If you’re very unfit then don’t do this without speaking to your GP first, and if you’re ill or injured then do something else today, such as finding yourself some free books or magazines.

What are you going to get up to? Walking round the shops doesn’t count today.

What’s happening here

I’m going to do an hour of cycling today, and maybe a few sit-ups as well. *wheeze* *puff*

Yesterday evening ended up being a bit of a lame hour in front of the telly kind of evening, but it wasn’t bad at all. We had dinner away from the TV again, which I’ve decided I really like and hope to do a lot more often after this Tenner Week is over.

I had leftover veg toad in the hole with onion gravy for lunch, and a cereal bar for a snack. For dinner we had baked fish and chips, kale from the garden and some soya beans that have been lurking at the bottom of the freezer for longer than I care to admit. The fish had originally been bought for a payday treat last month but it ended up being frozen instead because we were both too sickly that day to eat it. Glad it didn’t go to waste.

Did a bit more financial spring cleaning too, sorting out paperwork and closing another account that’d had its interest rate cut to something pitiful. Again, only a few quid in there from a later interest payment, but will put it to good use once it’s returned next week.

The other thing I did was nip out for coffee at a new place in the neighbourhood. Partly out of nosiness and partly because it’s good to support your local independent traders. That set me back £2.

Total spent to far: £4.80 (2 coffees, 4 pints of milk)

Total TV watched: 2 hours

How are you getting on? Keeping busy? Eating OK?

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