Tenner Week: Day 5: Hit the library


It’s the fifth day of our latest ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week challenge, and today we’re looking for free or very cheap books to read. Let’s go looking for some! If you have time today, set a few minutes aside for reading as well, if you like.

It’s completely up to you what sort of book you’d like to find today, but in the spirit of September’s theme of ‘Back to school for grown ups’, you might like to try one of the following categories:

  • General non fiction books, from popular science to how-to books
  • Textbooks or standard reading on any subject that appeals to you
  • Career, business or work-related topics
  • Travel guides or travelogues
  • Classic literature or modern classics

There are still free books to be found all over the place. For example, try:

  • Your own bookshelf / cupboard / bedside table
  • The local library (pick something up today or order it in)
  • Your favourite websites and blogs may offer one or more
  • Project Gutenberg for classic books
  • Free book fan pages and groups on Facebook (for ebooks)

There are loads of other places to find free books, but that’s a good start.

I have a small pile of books here that I plan to review at a quieter moment, although I have now come to realise that there isn’t going to be a quite moment for a while – so I’d better get on with it anyway and schedule in some regular reading time for them.

Where’s your favourite place to find free books? Please share if you have any tips.

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  1. Love reading, any format, wide range of subjects, I especially like out of print informational books. I will certainly be reading something today.

  2. Today I want to finish a book about Tesla, I did buy it, but it’s still learning! I nipped to the library the other day and took out a couple of novels. I’m currently leafing through an old book about decluttering too – always worth another read.

  3. Will try to finish my book today. And start another one picked up on my bookshelf. Will be a very relax day today.

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