Tenner Week: Day 5: Freebies Friday

It’s nearly the weekend, so it’s time to look out for a little treat or two. Welcome to Freebies Friday!

tenner week live on £10 a week challenge Penny Golightly day 5 freebies friday

All you have to do today is be on the lookout for at least one freebie – ideally a free thing where there’s no other spending involved.

You could:

  • ‘Like’ some of your favourite brands on Facebook and look for giveaways
  • Search for #freebies, #freestuff or #FreebieFriday on Twitter
  • Look for free nibbles at the market, deli or supermarket
  • Have a look at deals forums for freebies, such as HotUKDeals and MSE
  • Try the LatestFreeStuff app
  • Visit freebie websites: FreebieSiteUK, MagicFreebies, FreebiesWorld, Freebies365, LatestFreeStuff
  • If you sign up for myJohnLewis membership, one of the perks is a free hot drink and cake each month
  • Join SuperSavvyMe to get free samples from P&G companies, plus vouchers etc

O2 customers can use the Priority Moments app to look for possible freebies. They’re currently offering free 3-day passes for Virgin Active gyms, and free hot drinks at Debenhams.

If you’re in or near London, you might like to follow the @SkintLondon account on Twitter for various occasional freebies plus cheap things to do.

I like freebies in general, but prefer to avoid freebies for bingo, gambling and betting credits as it could tempt some people to get into a gambling habit. Apart from that though, freebies rule!

What’s your best freebie find today? Come on, impress me with your blagging skills!

What’s happening here

I’ve bagged a free hot drink at Debenhams by using the ‘save for later’ feature on the O2 Priority Moments app, and will be looking out for freebies all day on Twitter – follow me at @PennyGolightly or keep an eye on the Twitter widget on the right of this post. Love me a good #FreebieFriday!

Meanwhile I’m better off today than I was yesterday. Part of my Approved Food order was refunded, and I managed a no spend day too (cancelled shopping etc due to heavy rain and small discovery). A mega rummage in the shed turned up a few extra pots for seedlings that I’d mislaid last autumn so I didn’t need to buy any new ones after all.

Might go out for a beer later, have had too many Tenner Week nights in at home in a row this time around.

Yesterday I had leftover prawn noodles for lunch, leftover spiced pineapple for a snack, and toad in the hole with veggie ‘chicken mix’ plus pumpkin and spinach for dinner. There was also an experimental dessert, which was an easy baked coconut custard with dried exotic fruit in it – very tasty.

I managed my ‘fix it up’ challenge of shortening a pair of trousers in front of an hour’s TV, and also did some financial fixing up. That included putting in for a refund on a missold product, cancelling a standing order for something I’m going to stop using, and closing a couple of savings accounts that were no longer paying decent interest and had dribs and drabs of cash in them.

Total cash spent: £2.80 (coffee, 4 pints of milk)

Total TV watched: 1 hour

How are you getting on? Still within budget?

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  1. Really enjoying your experience of this series. Despite saying I needed a zero spend week this week, I found a fiver whilst cleaning up on Wednesday, and therefore treated myself to the yoga class that takes place in the office yesterday. A fiver for 60 minutes of yoga in central London is dirt cheap, and I really needed it to clear my head!

  2. One Hi-Fi Dining card and a gym membership trial grabbed!

    That said, due to a tights accident yesterday, I had to splurge on new tights in Boots (there was a hole the whole way up the back of my leg!) Hurrah for Boots points, but I now have nothing left for the weekend. Good thing I’ve just got a spring clean planned!

  3. Also (sorry for the two comments!), I went through my Paypal yesterday and cancelled a bunch of subscriptions. Some will be a little hard to live without (I need to clean up my Dropbox account now I’ve reduced my space), but they added up to about £40 a month in total.

  4. Hi Sam – oooh, you got a Magic Fiver! Love it when that happens, and hope you really enjoyed that nicely-priced yoga class. Let us know how you’re getting on with the rest of it 🙂

    Hi Emma – Excellent blagging skills, congratulations! It’s ok to have a skint weekend every now and again, the trick is just to keep busy. Good luck with your spring cleaning and well done for the financial declutter because it all adds up.

  5. Applied for John Lewis card at the beginning of the week but no sign yet so maybe I won’t have free coffee and cake this tenner week. Have been doing really we’ll and only spent 3.60 so far this week ( included £1 for charity cake bake)

  6. Sorry, forgot also picked up free asda magazine this morning. Was shopping in there for the family ( 3 adult men so can’t really manage on a tenner for them. They go through a bunch of bananas in 2 days and a large carton of milk the same!!) Lots of good recipes for Summer bbqs.

  7. Hi Fiona. The John Lewis thing can take a while to come through, but you get loads of lovely coffee + cake vouchers when it does so it’s worth the wait. Free supermarket magazines often have handy money-off coupons in them as well as recipes.

    Your budget’s going really well – nicely done! Don’t worry about your £10 extending to other family members, it’s just your own personal share of the food that’s counted. Probably just as well given the amount some people get through in each household 🙂

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