Tenner Week Day 5: Freebie Friday

Tenner Week Day 5 Freebie FridayToday is Freebie Friday, less of a chore and more of a bit of fun. All you have to do today is hunt down some kind of freebie, ideally without parting with any cash.

There’s plenty of free stuff around. You could:

  • Send off for a free sample
  • Try tasters at a local shop or market
  • Find an online voucher to exchange for something
  • Attend a free event
  • Visit the local library & use one of their free services
  • Print off free games & educational materials for kids
  • Print off a free wall planner or other organiser
  • Try a trial gym or movie rental membership
  • Use a smartphone offers/discounts app (they may have occasional in-store freebies)

With many free trials and gifts you will find that comes in exchange for your contact details. If possible, use a separate email address for competitions and freebies as some companies are less scrupulous than others and you might end up on spam lists.

Watch out if you’re picking up your freebies in person too – you might feel guilt-tripped into making a side purchase that you maybe don’t have the budget for.

With trial memberships, make a note in your diary of a date before the trial period ends. If you aren’t convinced about the service, this will remind you to cancel it before any payments are taken.

There are also what I’d describe as ‘free gifts with purchase’, for example freebies that are given away with magazines. That’s okay if the freebies are worth something to you, and the magazine is affordable.

What’s happening here

Today I’m using the Priority Moments app to grab a freebie or two (free for O2 customers), and I might send off for a free sample of a new fragrance as well. I’ll also be mentioning some of my latest freebie finds on Twitter throughout the day too so look out for those. In the evening I’m off to a movie preview which is free, but will probably go on afterwards for drinks and snacks.

Somehow managed to get through yesterday without spending anything, but did a fair bit of shopping with no money. I exchanged supermarket vouchers for some wine and food, and the wine was both on special offer and further discounted by 10% at the till so we got three great quality bottles for no outlay. I even got 85p change from the voucher, and the drink’s been stashed away for Christmas.

I also used the Priority Moments app to get some free Halloween chocolates in Hotel Chocolat, and a free regular cuppa in Cafe Nero. Then I went to the Body Shop to spend a gift voucher, and combined that with a 40% off voucher, plus offers in store – came home with a nice scented candle, some makeup, and a bottle of their new Smoky Rose perfume which I rather like (roses and tobacco). I still have a few other points and gift vouchers to use up, but am keeping them back for December grocery shopping and possible special offers.

Total spent so far: £2.50

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