Tenner Week Day 4: Thrifty Thursday

Tenner Week Day 4 Thrifty Thursday Shop with no moneyIt’s Day Four of our £10 challenge week – how much have you spent so far? Have you managed to stick to your budget? Let us know how you’re getting on.

Today is Thrifty Thursday and the activity today is to go shopping with no money. Now, in the past some people have misinterpreted this activity as ‘going round the shops with nothing in your pocket’ – but that’s not what it’s all about – it’s about getting something without spending your cash. Window shopping with zero spending power this is not…

Today we are going to use up:

  • Gift vouchers (not to be confused with discount vouchers)
  • Nectar points
  • Tesco Clubcard and other supermarket points
  • High street chemist points
  • Other loyalty scheme points
  • PayPal credit
  • Any other store credit

Just try to get one thing with any of the above, ideally without spending any cash on top of that. In the unlikely event that you don’t have any of those to use up, you can also put in an expenses claim at work, claim a refund, or call up a friend who owes you a pint.

I’ll be going into town later with some supermarket vouchers, hoping to buy one or two things to put aside for the festive season. I might also have some Superdrug points to play with, if there’s time.

What’s happening here?

We ate well yesterday, with a big cheese salad and homemade walnut and rosemary sourdough bread for lunch. Then we had a quick and easy dinner via the microwave: the remainder of last night’s casserole plus a big side order of home grown fine beans and baby courgettes, followed by some hot spiced peaches (from a tin, but nice). This morning we had porridge with leftover mixed berries. As usual, we seem to be having healthier, tastier food during Tenner Week because a little more thought is going into the meal planning.

I’m not doing the TV Diet this time around, which I forgot to mention. That’s because we were away last week, and that was telly-free already, so I’m catching up here and there with the Autumn schedules. Also, we’ve both been doing paid surveys etc in front of the telly to earn a few extra quid.

Managed to have another no-spend day yesterday too, mainly by staying in during the evening and keeping busy. Haven’t gone stir-crazy yet, but a trip to the pub or other night out is going to be needed soon.

Total spent so far: £2.50

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