Tenner Week: Day 4: Dust off or fix up

Tenner Week day four 4 Penny GolightlyGoodness me, can it really be Day Four of Tenner Week already? The week is flying by. That’s due in part to keeping busy, I suppose.

Today’s task is to dust off a hobby, or to fix up or mend something around your home. Think of an activity or small project that you can start and finish on the same day. It’s completely up to you what you decide to do, but you could:

  • Finish that book you were reading
  • Bake something or brew something
  • Go out for a run
  • Make some homemade cards
  • Mend your clothes
  • Fix a door handle
  • Clue some china back together

…or whatever else is your priority. Go for something absorbing that will make you smile, or something that will make everyday life easier.

What’s happening here?

I didn’t watch any TV yesterday, so my total for the week is still one hour. I did spend some money though: 35p on onions, £1.00 on milk, 99p on compost  and £2.80 on a coffee plus tip for the waitress. £5.14 in total, and I still need to make it though until Sunday night. That could be tricky as I’ve now agreed to go out on Friday night and Saturday night, so let’s see where we end up with that.

The menu was good today: porridge and compote with coconut for breakfast, mozzarella salad with leftover new potatoes and homegrown lettuce and herbs for lunch, orange juice and cheese biscuits for a snack, and a veggie shepherd’s pie with soya mince and onions and homegrown carrot filling, served with homegrown greens. The pie was deliberately massive so there would be leftovers.

Pampering was lovely, and I realised yet again that I don’t do it often enough. It’s often the nicest part of Tenner Week, switching off the phone for once and taking it easy.

My plan for today is to mend some veggie mesh in the garden, to help keep bugs away from all the new things I’ve planted. I’ll patch a hole in the fabric, and put in more supports to make a better growing space. I’ve been putting it off for a while, so this is the incentive I needed.

How much have you spent so far this week? How much TV have you watched? Are you finding it difficult or easy to stick to?

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