Tenner Week: Day 4: Documentary day


Our activity for Day Four of this Tenner Week challenge should hopefully be relatively easy to do, and it might also be life affirming, troubling or inspiring. We’re going to find a documentary to watch, ideally for free.

You can pick any documentary format you like, from a feature length film to a TV show, or even a television series if you prefer. It’s completely up to you what the subject will be too, as long as your documentary is able to inform and entertain you.

There are lots of categories to choose from, such as:

  • Biographies
  • Historical or political
  • Sports and adventure
  • Travelogues / international issues
  • Environment
  • Nature
  • Rockumentaries / music
  • Business
  • Social issues
  • Arts and culture

Where might you find your documentary of choice today?

  • Terrestrial TV and Freeview, check the listings
  • Satellite and cable TV you already subscribe to
  • On demand and video streaming
  • Free documentary site Snagfilms
  • Local library (might be a small fee)

Once you’ve chosen, all you need to do is make a cup of tea, put your feet up and press play. Enjoy!

I watch quite a few documentaries each year, and am actually going to a screening of one tomorrow so I’m going to keep it simple and stick to an hour-long TV show today. Maybe a nature or science show would do the trick, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

I’m also going to try to have a no spend day today, so wish me luck.

What sort of documentary are you going to watch? Do you have any films or shows to recommend?

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  1. Yesterday channel, You Tube, I think I watch more documentaries than anything else these days, oh except craft and cooking programs.

  2. I managed a no spend day yesterday and today. I did some mending yesterday trying to catch up with some sutffs standing there for ages. Will continue today. Got some courgettes from my neighbour yesterday as a freebie. Will do some gardening this afternoon and watch out a 2h documentary tonight.

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