Tenner Week Day 3: Woolly Wednesday

Tenner Week Day 3 Woolly Wednesday Mend some winter clothesCan’t believe it’s Day Three of Tenner Week already – I’ve been keeping nice and busy, how about you? Today is all about keeping cosy without spending any money by mending or upcycling some winter clothes. That could be jumpers, cardigans, jackets, coats, or even your thermals.

Most of us will have some kind of sewing kit knocking around their homes already, so it should be pretty much free to do this, unless you’re feeling particularly creative. The more crafty types among us may well also have all kinds of buttons, ribbons, trims, patches or fabric scraps to hand as well.

All you have to do today is mend or alter one warm item. If you’re very ambitious and have the materials to hand, you could even make something as long as it’s reasonably simple.

Some quick ideas for you:

  • Mend a moth hole in a jumper
  • Sew in a loose thread or a snag
  • Change buttons on a cardigan
  • Put an extra stitch into coat buttons so they don’t come off
  • Add some ribbons, trim, beads or sequins to a jumper
  • Knit a simple scarf, mittens, gilet or pair of socks
  • Add a collar to a top using fabric scraps
  • Reinforce a weak seam
  • Dye some knitwear (if you have dye to hand or can buy it cheaply)

You get the drift…

What’s happening here? I’m trying to have another no spend day, and managed that yesterday. Last night’s stew and baked fruit dishes were lovely and healthy, and I made decent sized portions to justify having the oven on for a while. We’ll be having leftover stew tonight with loads of fresh green beans on the side, and the rest of the fruit is going into some kind of oatmeal for breakfasts.

Tonight I’ll be putting new buttons onto a coat. That task has been sitting around for a while, and it would be great to just get on with it, so I can wear my favourite autumn coat again. What are you going to mend or upcycle?

Total spent so far: £2.50

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