Tenner Week: Day 3: Practical skills day


Today we’re looking for some free non-academic ways to learn, as part of the ‘Back to class’ Tenner Week budgeting challenge. It made me think back to school where you could do practical classes like woodwork, 3D, ceramics, cooking, sewing, health & relationships and all kinds of stuff like that.

All you have to do is find something that will help you boost a life skill, start or improve a hobby, or learn something practical that involves making, modifying or mending.

It’s completely up to you, but here are a few jumping off points:

  • Does anything need fixing around the place?
  • Is there a craft project or hobby you’re thinking about starting?
  • Applying for a new job and need to write a killer CV?
  • Want to learn how to touch type, budget, or get better at spreadsheets, etc?

A few places to look for the info:

  • Home bookshelf or library for reference books
  • General ‘How To’ sites such as Videojug, Wikihow and eHow
  • Ask a friend or relative to teach you a skill (you could do a skills swap)
  • Specific sites for cookery, DIY, craft, interview skills, personal development etc

Doesn’t have to be too involved, or all that serious if you aren’t in the mood. Even following a YouTube makeup tutorial would count, if you’re that way inclined.

What’s happening here

I’m going to watch a couple of ‘how to’ videos today that explain how to use some new money-saving apps, and if they’re interesting then I’ll review the apps and get back to you about them in due course.

Yesterday I managed a zero spend day, and hope to do the same tomorrow. We had veggie burgers, baked potato wedges and mixed vegetables for dinner last night, including home made dill pickles in the burgers. Some neighbours were also giving away bags of apples from a tree in their garden so I managed to get a freebie for bonus points too.

For today’s practical skills I’m going to look up some DIY stuff about cabinets and drawers, as we’re doing up the house again over the next couple of weeks.

What are you going to learn about today? How’s your budget going, and have you found any freebies?

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  1. I am going to have a look at Thrifty Deluxe website to pick up some ideas in the good published articles. Will have a look on You Tube for a DIY course about cooking rice tortilla and how to use and wear a pareo on holidays. Guess I will be busy as well this afternoon about doing some gardening outside.

  2. I too had a zero spend yesterday as I was feeling sorry for myself and nursing a tender paw. I don’t know about a new skill we will see. I am busy today, be warned retirement may not mean relaxation, one gets volunteered for things. I don’t know about freebies but the best I have received was a money off voucher for Subway – yum.

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