Tenner Week: Day 3: Pamper and relax

Tenner Week day 3 pamper relax Penny GolightlyIt’s Day Three of Tenner Week. Have you managed to spend less than £10 so far? Today is a day to set some time aside from the rush of daily life, so that you can relax and pamper yourself.

Everybody needs a bit of pampering, whether that’s time to yourself to read your favourite book, a few moments to kick back and listen to a comedy podcast, a foot massage, slapping on the beauty products, or simply turning in for an early night. Whatever it is, make sure it’s your idea of a treat.

If you can, set aside an hour for some pampering this evening. Think about ways that you can actively relax too, rather than slumping into a heap, exhausted after work. Switch off the phone, step away from the internet, and remove as many annoying distractions as possible. Try some physical relaxation exercises or stretches, or try some mindfulness or meditation exercises.

These are all things that you can research, read about, download and do for free, so don’t get caught up in the idea that you need to go to a spa or a private island. Anyone can do it too – you don’t need a guru on speed dial or to be half way to enlightenment, quite the opposite in fact.

What’s happening here?

I watched an hour of television last night (a recording of The Fall), and I think I’ve decided that I enjoy TV more when it’s rationed out – I select my show more carefully, look  forward to it, and concentrate more on the storylines and characters. No TV today though. I didn’t spend any cash yesterday either, as I decided to run all my errands together today to save time and hassle.

Yesterday’s declutter was something I’d been putting off for ages, and it was a real mess. Fortunately the whole lot was sorted out in about 15 minutes, and I’ve even found a couple of things for the garden that I’d mislaid, including some plant labels and ties that I was convinced I’d thrown away by accident. Result!

We ate well yesterday too. I had muesli for breakfast, a cereal bar for a snack, refried beans and cheese on toast plus green salad for lunch, prawn noodles with home grown spring onions, chillies, spicy greens and sprouting broccoli for dinner, and home grown rhubarb compote for dessert. We also had a glass of home made wine which was really nice, a gift from a neighbour.

I’ll be doing a bit of kitchen gardening after work this evening, and I’m going to have a nice soak in the bath after that and use up all the stuff I keep for best but never actually get round to using. Then I’m going to listen to music and have a quick pedicure, and turn in for an early night. Might listen to a ‘deep sleep’ app that I downloaded for free as well, for extra zeddage.

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How is your Tenner Week going? How much TV have you watched? How much money have you spent so far?

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