Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 3: Find your light

Tenner Week challenge October 2018 Day 3

Welcome to Day Three of our latest Tenner Week budgeting challenge, where we’re doing something new every day to get cosy for the Autumn. Today’s activity is called ‘Find your light‘, and you have a choice of two things to do, depending on the weather and your personal preferences.

You can either: A) go outside for a lunchtime walk to get some natural daylight, or: B) change up the lighting inside your home to give it a more cosy, relaxing feel during the darker evenings. Which one appeals to you the most strongly?

If you’re getting some natural daylight, this is a free way to boost your mood as well as getting some fresh air and a little exercise. The light will be strongest around noon if you can manage a walk outside around this time.

Alternatively, you can take a look at the lighting at home and maybe change it in one of the rooms such as a living area or a bedroom. You can change the bulb in an overhead lamp, move table lamps around, bring out some fairy lights or LED lanterns, or put a candle or two out where they won’t get knocked over.

Evening lighting can make a huge difference to how your room feels, without making any great effort with decorating. If you don’t have any candles, light bulbs or lamps already then just have a think about what you’d like to do in the near future, do some research and maybe add one or two items to a shopping list.


Which one will you be doing? A walk outside, or changing the indoor lighting?


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