Tenner Week Day 2: Tickle Me Tuesday

Tenner Week Day 2 tickle me tuesday have a laugh for freeIt’s Day Two of this October’s Tenner Week. How are you getting on? The weather outside is grey and drizzly, so let’s take our minds off that and have a laugh instead. It’s Tickle Me Tuesday…

That’s right, today is all about cheering ourselves up with some comedy. What you do today depends on your sense of humour, but you could:

  • Go to a free comedy night in a pub (although you will need to buy a drink)
  • Download a free comedy podcast
  • Borrow a book from the humour section of the library
  • Grab a free ebook from the Kindle store (top 100 Humour section today)
  • Watch a comedy show on TV or catch-up
  • Watch a comedy DVD (swap with a friend for something new)
  • Try a free video tutorial about drawing your own cartoons
  • Try your hand at writing your own jokes or sketches
  • Hang out with your friend who makes you laugh the most

Tonight I’ll be watching a pre-recorded episode of Don’t Trust The B, and possibly the Bake Off final for some Mel and Sue gluten-based giggles. There will also be a casserole of some sort, and some hot baked fruit with cinnamon to use up the space in the oven.

Yesterday I was caught up in some of London’s transport woes, so I took myself off and had a hot drink while the crowds cleared. Unfortunately that’s £2.50 gone out of my £10 budget, but it did save my sanity quite nicely so that’s probably not such a bad thing. A no-spend day is planned for the rest of today.

Total spent so far: £2.50

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  1. Tickle me Tuesday! Ha – love it Penny! I’m going to tickle my boyfriend tonight until he submits and makes me dinner. Then I don’t have to spend any cash!

  2. Hiya Jackie – I’m not sure if that’s cheating or not 🙂

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