Tenner Week: Day 1: Making a menu

Tenner Week day 1It’s the first proper day of Tenner Week, so let’s work out how to live on £10 a week for food and more. Take a break from all the spend, spend, spend today – it is only Monday after all. 

Today, take a few minutes to look at all the food and drink you’re able to use up, then work out a quick menu for the week. Try to make it as healthy as possible, and also try to have a little treat here and there as well.

If you’re cutting back on your TV watching for the week as well, it might be a good idea to try to completely avoid the gogglebox today and perhaps tomorrow. Then you’ll have more telly time saved up for later in the week.

My menu for the week 

  • Breakfasts: orange juice, cereal and milk, porridge and fruit, or fruit and chocolate bread
  • Lunches: cheese sandwich, veg soup, cheese on toast, wrap and leftovers, omelette
  • Monday: flour tortillas, salsa, salad, kidney beans, leftover chicken
  • Tuesday: stir fried veg, prawns, and noodles
  • Wednesday: veggie shepherd’s pie and mustard mash, peas
  • Thursday: leftover pie, brown sauce, greens
  • Friday: scampi, chips, peas or salad
  • Saturday: bangers and parsley mash, onion gravy, spinach
  • Sunday: veggie roast, herby potatoes, garden vegetables
  • Snacks: apple, cereal bars, cheese biscuits, chocolate biscuits

There’s also some home made bread to have at lunchtimes, half of which is in the freezer already so it doesn’t go stale. For the moment, the only thing on the shopping list is onions, although we’ll probably run out of milk at some point too. I’m hoping to keep as much of my tenner back as possible, and use up all our leftovers from the weekend.

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Have you worked out your menu for the week? What are you having?

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