Tenner Week: Day 0: Sunday Stocktake

Tenner Week starts tomorrow – are you ready for the £10 Challenge?

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Today is a chance to get organised, and I’ll be taking out a £10 note later before the week starts, and putting any other change away.

If you aren’t too busy today, it’s a good idea to carry out a small stocktake. If you’re short of time, just a quick look at your food supplies is all you need.

Make a note of anything that’s near its use by date, and either freeze it or remind yourself to use it up first. The less waste this week, the better.

Check through:

  • The fridge (including the contents of the fridge door and the salad box)
  • The freezer / icebox
  • Kitchen shelves / storecupboards
  • Worktop canisters: tea, coffee, sugar etc
  • Snack boxes / biscuit barrel
  • Stored food & drink in garage / pantry / shed / under the stairs
  • Wine rack
  • Bread bin
  • Fruit bowl
  • Secret chocolate stash

If you have time, sketch out a quick menu for the week too. Remember to include packed lunches. Oh, and store those leftovers carefully if you’re doing a big Sunday lunch or dinner…

Are you doing a Sunday Stocktake? What’s going on your menu?

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