Tenner Week Aug 2014: Sunday Stocktake

Tenner Week starts properly tomorrow, but if you want to get a headstart on the week then join in with the Sunday Stocktake. It only takes a few minutes, and it tends to pay dividends over the next seven days.

Tenner Week August 2014 Sunday stocktake

If you haven’t done one before, or if you’d like a quick reminder, it’s time to go round your home and find all the things you can use up during the coming week.

That includes:

  • Food and drink in fridge, freezer, cupboards, worktop jars, windowsill herb pots, kitchen gardens, garage, allotments etc
  • Vouchers you might have (print, card, online, store credit)
  • Fitness equipment
  • Toiletries and beauty products
  • Craft materials, DIY and decorating materials
  • Entertainment (free music or movie channel trials, or anything you own but haven’t watched/listened to/read yet)
  • Memberships you’ve already paid up (gym, fitness, etc)

Here’s a quick schedule for the coming week too:

If you don’t have your £10 in cash yet, today’s a good day to go and get it…

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